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    10 Reasons to Run a Paid Search Branded Campaign (+ 2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t)

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    There’s a big discussion happening amongst digital advertisers and marketers about whether or not you should run a branded campaign. Bidding on your branded search terms for your business has many benefits (and a few drawbacks). That’s why we did the research and compiled the top 10 reasons to run branded campaigns and 2 reasons not to. 

    If you’re looking to bring more traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, and convert more clients to your business, then read on about whether running a branded campaign is for you. Let’s dive in!

    Table of Contents

    10 Reasons to Run a Paid Search Branded Campaign

    1. Most Converted Traffic with the Best ROI 

    Brand traffic is the end of the funnel of almost any online or offline campaign you will run, and running a paid search-branded campaign will bring in the most converted traffic with the best ROI.

    2. Protect Your Territory 

    If you don’t buy your branded search terms, your affiliates, or even worse, your competitors will buy the traffic. Buying branded search terms will help protect your online territory.

    3. Control The Message

    Allow yourself to customize your marketing message on your ads, promotions, and much more, giving you total control of the message you’re advertising.

    4. More Ad Visibility

    Running a paid search-branded campaign will give you more ad visibility thanks to ad extensions like site links, callouts, promotions, images, etc.

    According to research, branded campaigns can drive incremental search volume up between 5% to 20%

    5. Dominate The Search Engine Results Page 

    With your paid ad coming out on top and your organic results right under it, you will control around 50% of the search results page.

    6. Critical For Conversion Attribution

    A lack of branded campaigns will severely damage your conversion attribution since Google will become blind to the last-click conversions. 

    7. Long-Tail Branded Terms 

    Cover hundreds of search terms that, for many, are outside of the first or even second organic position. Such as the term “bay.”

    8. Incremental Value 

    According to research, branded campaigns can drive incremental search volume up between 5% to 20%. 

    9. Appear On Non-Google Search Results 

    Google search is also shown on YouTube, Images, and other non-search-related pages which are not relevant to organic traffic.

    10. It’s Super Cheap 

    Even if you run an uncapped paid search-branded campaign, as you should, it’s estimated to be less than 5% of your overall ad spend budget.

    2 Reasons Not to Run a Paid Search-Branded Campaign

    1. Unnecessary Paid Clicks 

    You end up paying for clicks that 80% or so could be yours for free – this is worth considering for young start-ups.

    2. Brand Budget Can Be on the Expenses of Upper Funnel Awareness Traffic

    This is especially relevant for non-performance-oriented businesses such as NGOs.

    Final Thoughts

    So those are all of the 10 reasons we think you should run branded campaigns and 2 reasons you shouldn’t. It’s up to you to know your capabilities and manpower to decide if running branded campaigns is right for you. We hope this information proves useful to all of the digital advertisers and marketers out there!

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