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    13 Best SEO Courses Online for Mastering Digital Visibility

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    If you want to add to your tech skill, enrolling in an online course for SEO is a fantastic idea.

    SEO analysts have become the most in-demand roles in many industries, including marketing, business, e-commerce, and more.

    We’ve researched some of the many SEO courses that are available online and narrowed the list down to the best 13 options.

    Many of these courses will benefit users of any skill level, while a few will be designed for advanced users or focused on specific SEO uses.

    After reading through this list, you will learn which course is best for you based on price, skill level, the number of modules, time commitment, and content.

    So let’s not waste time wondering which is the best SEO online course and jump into this list.

    Things To Consider When Choosing an SEO Course

    Four main aspects determine whether an SEO course is worth it:

    #1 Instructor

    Instructors can make or break your learning experience depending on their teaching style and how they actively interact with students, if at all. Another thing to look out for is if your instructor is an SEO expert or not.

    #2 Price

    Some courses are free whereas others are available for a fee. What is your budget for an SEO course?

    #3 Content

    Courses will offer the opportunity to view the course contents. Decide what you want to learn and see if the course teaches you that content before signing up.

    #4 User Reviews

    Did previous users think it was worth the money? Did students who completed the course feel like they had learned and mastered SEO?

    Table of Contents

    1. Semrush SEO Toolkit – Our Top Pick

    Our top pick for the best SEO online course comes from SEMrush Academy and provides over a dozen modules for free.

    Throughout the 14 video lessons, you have the opportunity to learn from SEO experts such as Greg Gifford. Every class is presented in an easily digestible format, making learning easy even if you have zero SEO experience.

    Price: Free

    Modules: 14

    Level: Beginner

    Hours: 3+

    2. Amphy SEO Courses – Best for Personalized Experience 

    Not only are Amphy courses affordable and convenient, but they are also all live and online. This means you can speak to the teacher, ask questions, and personalize your learning to your needs. 

    Amphy offers courses on SEO for all levels of expertise and areas of SEO. Whether you want to optimize your copywriting for search engines or learn technical SEO, and more, they have you covered. 

    Price: $11.99 – $59.99 per lesson

    Modules: 4 – 12

    Level: Beginner – Advanced

    Hours: 1 per lesson

    3. Yoast SEO Academy – Best Free Course for Beginners

    Our second-favorite option, especially for beginners, is the free SEO course from Yoast Academy.

    Yoast is constantly updating the video webinars with the most relevant information, and the university-trained teachers make the content easy to understand. Optional homework and quizzes further cement the content and ensure you get the most out of the course.

    Price: Free

    Modules: 14

    Level: Beginner

    Hours: Not provided

    4. Robbie Richards: SEO Playbook – Best for Intermediate Users

    The SEO Playbook is perfect for individuals who have already grasped the fundamentals.

    Purchasing this course gives you lifetime access to the content, including over 100 videos, 20 pre-built templates, and 50 process documents. There is also an active Slack community that makes networking with industry experts and leaders simple and productive.

    Price: $497

    Modules: 23

    Level: Intermediate

    Hours: 14

    SEO analysts are among the most in-demand roles in many industries so if you want to expand your skills, enrolling in an online course for SEO is a fantastic idea.

    5. Udemy: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites  – Best for WordPress Users

    This Udemy course teaches some SEO fundamentals but also focuses on implementing SEO for WordPress websites.

    The course provides dozens of combined videos and articles to give you the skills necessary to learn how to create holistic content and utilize SEO plugins to drive organic traffic to your WordPress site.

    Price: starts at $19.99

    Modules: 15 (articles)

    Level: Intermediate    

    Hours: 10+

    6. HubSpot: SEO Certification Course – Best SEO Mini-Course

    This mini-course from HubSpot is free and takes less than three hours to complete. It is a fantastic option for beginners interested in SEO who aren’t sure if they want to commit to a more extensive course.

    This course offers six lessons with 26 videos and five quizzes for a quick but comprehensive learning experience. 

    Price: Free

    Modules: 6 

    Level: Beginner

    Hours: 2.5 hours

    7. eMarketing Institute: SEO Course – Best for Free Learning Materials

    This free course comes with a 156-page downloadable ebook explicitly designed for beginners. It covers the basics of keywords and link building, among other essential SEO fundamentals.

    A certificate is earnable after you complete the free knowledge exam, and the course provides 50 sample questions to help you study before the exam.

    Price: Free

    Modules: 1

    Level: Beginner

    Hours: Not provided

    8. Mangools: The Complete SEO Guide for Beginners– Best for Easiest Presentation

    Mangools divides this beginner’s SEO guide into eight chapters with subheadings that enhance reading and studying experiences through accessibility. 

    The website is easy to navigate, while the well-designed infographics and charts help drive home the most important aspects of the lessons. A short test and Mangool certificate are available as well.

    Price: Free

    Modules: 8

    Level: Beginner

    Hours: Not provided

    9. Online Marketing Institute: SEO Certification Course – Best for Independent Certification

    OMI is an industry leader in digital marketing education. Their advanced SEO course is an excellent option if you want a certification that will look good on your resume.

    The course delves into link-building and keyword generation but digs deeper with classes on SEO campaign analytics and conducting content audits for growth optimization.

    Price: 10-Day Free Trial and then a monthly subscription for Basic ($25), Pro ($45), or Team ($95) plan

    Modules: 5 

    Level: Advanced

    Hours: Not provided

    10. Coursera: Attract and Engage Customers With Digital Marketing  – Best Google-sponsored SEO Course

    This course is part of the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate and is an excellent option for professionals looking to develop their digital skills.

    The course runs for four weeks and offers students the chance to learn about SEO with a focus on the Google search engine, search engine marketing (SEM), and digital advertising. 

    Price: $59 monthly subscription after the Free Trial period

    Modules: 4

    Level: Beginner

    Hours: 21

    11. MarketMotive: Advanced SEO Certification Training – Best for Advanced Users

    This course from MarketMotive might seem expensive, but it offers everything an advanced user will need to become a top SEO expert.

    Matt Bailey, the founder of SiteLogic, teaches the course, and he provides a diverse range of SEO-related knowledge. Students will learn advanced SEO techniques and how to utilize analytics, plan marketing campaigns, and manage social media platforms.

    Price: $899

    Modules: 4

    Level: Advanced

    Hours: 45+

    12. Linkedin SEO Learning – Best for Flexible Learning Options

    We are cheating a little bit with this option since it is not a standalone course but a library of educational materials from the experts on Linkedin.

    With hundreds of options tailored to all skill levels, the Linkedin SEO learning library is a great way for users to select studies that specifically address aspects of SEO that they are the most interested in without spending time or money on unnecessary content.

    Price: Varies with course selection

    Modules: 100+

    Level: Beginner

    Hours: 100+

    13. Jellyfish SEO Training – Best for Private Learning

    Jellyfish offers a range of courses led by instructors and taught in your choice of a virtual, classroom, or private setting.

    Each course is a one-day intensive unit. Jellyfish offers an introduction to SEO and more advanced options like copywriting for SEO and YouTube optimization and marketing.

    Price: $549 per course

    Modules: 6

    Level: Beginner

    Hours: 1 day per course

    Main Takeaways

    Many great options are available online, but our number one best SEO course is the SEO toolkit from Semrush.

    Another excellent option to kickstart your SEO journey is the Yoast SEO Academy beginner course. However, if you already know some SEO, try the intermediate option from The SEO Playbook.

    These three courses or any other course on our list will provide you with a great learning experience. 

    Research these courses or others on your own, assess each one for the factors that are important to you, then all that you have to do is select one and get ready to kickstart your SEO journey!

    We have more to offer!

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