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    59 Elon Musk Quotes Marketing Entrepreneurs Should Read

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    Elon Musk has become a global icon in recent years, making waves with his entrepreneurship and headlines with his tweets. He has a net worth of over $256 billion from owning mega-companies SpaceX and Tesla. Musk is ranked #1 on the Forbes Billionaires list for 2022 and is considered a business and marketing genius. If that’s not enough to inspire you, here are 59 inspirational Elon Musk quotes for you to learn more about entrepreneurship.

    1. Understanding and Decision-making

    “In order to make the right decisions, you have to understand something. If you don’t understand something at a detailed level, you cannot make a decision.”

    2. Elon Musk on Analyzing Competitors

    “I’m not sure looking at competitors really helps. It’s sort of like the old adage of running. If you start looking at the other runners, it’s not good, you know.”

    3. Stand By Small Business

    “You need to have an environment that tries to protect little companies and help them get bigger.”

    Entrepreneur Magazine found that 20% of businesses fail within a year after their grand opening. As a small business, protect yourself and keep looking for growth even amongst big-name competitors. 

    4. Keep Your Company

    “I don’t think it’s a good idea to plan to sell a company.”

    5. Is Starting a Business Right for You?

    “Starting a business is not for everyone. Generally, starting a business, I’d say, No. 1 is to have a high pain threshold.”

    6. Find Great People

    “If you’re building a company, you’ve got to gather great people. I mean, all a company is a group of people that have gathered together to create a product or service.”

    7. The Question Versus the Answer

    “A lot of times, the question is harder than the answer.”

    8. The Importance of Great Products

    “Great companies are built on great products. When the product starts to become shoddy and uncompetitive, so does the company.”

    One of the Elon Musk business quotes says that your company must be unique and hard-hitting to be attractive to clients in the market. 

    9. Critiques From Clients 

    “Really pay attention to negative feedback and solicit it, particularly from friends.”

    This is one of the most inspirational Elon Musk quotes saying that critiques of your products are especially important for excelling in small business. 

    10. Where’s the Fun?

    “Life can’t be just about solving problems. There have to be things that are exciting and inspiring that make you glad to be alive.”

    11. Creating a New Company Is Like Baking

    Listen to one of the best Elon Musk quotes, “If you’re trying to create a company, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.”

    12. Possibility Versus Probability

    “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.” 

    13. Hiring Efficiency

    “It is a mistake to hire huge numbers of people to get a complicated job done.”

    14. Knowing When To Invest

    “I’m not going to ask other people to invest in something if I’m not prepared to do so myself.”

    15. Is Your Product Worth the Premium Benefits?

    “I do think there is a lot of potential if you have a compelling product and people are willing to pay a premium for that.”

    16. Discover a Talented Marketing Team

    “Talent is extremely important. It’s like a sports team, the team that has the best individual player will often win, but then there’s a multiplier from how those players work together and the strategy they employ.”

    In one of these motivational quotes, Elon Musk said it shows that you should hire the best people for your marketing team. 

    17. Everyone Gets Excited!

    “A company is a group organized to create a product or service, and it is only as good as its people and how excited they are about creating.”

    18. Optimism Versus Realism

    “I always have optimism, but I’m realistic.”

    19. What’s the Goal?

    “People work better when they know what the goal is and why.”

    20. Find the “Why” for Your Business

    “I don’t create companies for the sake of creating companies, but to get things done.”

    21. Risk-taking

    “There’s a tremendous bias against taking risks.”

    22. Don’t Destroy Your Marketing Vision

    “Man has the power to act as his destroyer – and that is the way he has acted through most of his history.”

    Amongst these Elon Musk quotes, this one is very powerful. It encourages marketers not to give up once they have started a probable idea. 

    23. Talent is Better Than Sales

    “Numbers will never compensate for talent in getting the right answer (two people who don’t know something are no better than one), will tend to slow down progress, and will make the task incredibly expensive.”

    24. Marketing Is a Creative Masterpiece

    This Elon Musk quote shows the creativity and spontaneity of marketing. “I don’t believe in the process,” he once said. 

    25. Affordable Pricing

    “The key to making things affordable is design and technology improvements, as well as scale.”

    26. Spend Accordingly, Not Frivolously

    “If you had to buy a new plane every time you flew somewhere, it would be incredibly expensive.”

    I care very deeply about the people at Tesla. I feel like I have a great debt to the people of Tesla who are making the company successful.

    27. Taking Time for Product Design

    “There are really two things that have to occur in order for new technology to be affordable to the mass market. One is you need economies of scale. The other is you need to iterate on the design. You need to go through a few versions.”

    28. Always Ask Yourself “How?”

    “We could make a flying car – but that’s not the hard part. The hard part is, how do you make a flying car that’s super safe and quiet?”

    29. Listen to Your Leaders

    “Here in the West, people often don’t like listening to their leaders, even if they are right.”

    30. The Character Traits of a Business Owner

    “Starting and growing a business is as much about the innovation, drive, and determination of the people behind it as the product they sell.”

    31. Discover a Team Where You All Vibe Together

    “It’s very important to like the people you work with. Otherwise, your job is going to be quite miserable.”

    32. Take Control of Your Risk-taking 

    “It’s OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket.”

    33. Market and Manufacture Your Products in the United States

    “The rumors of the demise of the U.S. manufacturing industry are greatly exaggerated.”

    34. Care About Your Employees

    “I care very deeply about the people at Tesla. I feel like I have a great debt to the people of Tesla who are making the company successful.”

    35. Courteous Teamwork

    “We have a strict ‘no-assholes policy’ at SpaceX.”

    One of Elon Musk’s business quotes shows that collaborating in your company should be well-mannered and courteous to each other. 

    36. Try Even If Failure Is Inevitable

    “If something’s important enough, you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure.”

    37. Patience in Business

    “Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience. It’s a tough lesson.”

    38. Passion in Your Profession

    “People should pursue what they’re passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.”

    39. Product Design Should Be Self-explanatory

    “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”

    40. How Can Your Marketing Be Better?

    “I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.”

    41. Build a Positive Brand Image

    “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.”

    42. Choose the Best Factory to Design Your Product

    “The factory is the machine that builds the machine.”

    43. Do Not Give Up During Your Marketing Campaign

    “We are the first species capable of self-annihilation.”

    44. You Won’t Know Until You Explore an Idea

    “America is the spirit of human exploration distilled.”

    45. Network With Other Companies To Get Your Start

    “I feel very strongly that SpaceX would not have been able to get started, nor would we have made the progress that we have, without the help of NASA.”

    46. The Marketplace and Marketing Campaigns Always Change

    “I’ve actually made a prediction that within 30 years a majority of new cars made in the United States will be electric. And I don’t mean hybrid, I mean fully electric.”

    47. Sometimes, You Have to Outsource To Succeed

    “In the case of Apple, they did originally do production internally, but then along came unbelievably good outsourced manufacturing from companies like Foxconn. We don’t have that in the rocket business. There’s no Foxconn in the rocket business.”

    48. Your Creative Marketing Efforts Are Worth It

    “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

    49. Take Initiative

    “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.”

    50. Business Marketing Challenges You

    “Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss. If you feel like you are up for that then start a company.”

    51. Failure Is Needed for Success

    “Failure is an option. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”

    52. Try Even if Failure Happens

    “If something is important enough you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure.”

    53. Consider Personality Over Talent

    “My biggest mistake is probably weighing too much on someone’s talent and not somebody’s personality. I think it matters whether someone has a good heart.”

    54. Focus on the Future

    “I think we have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness to make sure it continues into the future.”

    55. Question Yourself on Something’s Success

    “You have to say, ‘Well, why did it succeed where others did not?’”

    56. Work Hard

    “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100-hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40-hour workweeks and you’re putting in 100-hour workweeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve.”

    57. Innovation Has Multiple Components

    “When somebody has a breakthrough innovation, it is rarely one little thing. Very rarely, is it one little thing. It’s usually a whole bunch of things that collectively amount to a huge innovation.”

    58. Reform Your Innovative Mindset

    “What makes innovative thinking happen?… I think it’s really a mindset. You have to decide.”

    59. Maintain Optimism Through the Marketing Struggle

    “I’d rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right.”


    We hope these Elon Musk motivational quotes help you become a better marketing entrepreneur or, at the very least, help inspire some of your entrepreneurial ideas. Remember, marketing takes patience, analysis, and creativity to attract new clients. Which quote was your favorite?

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