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    8 Useful E-commerce Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rates

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    We all have desired actions that we want customers to take. The most crucial step for many eCommerce businesses is conversion and is one of the most vital metrics if we’re going to optimize our e-commerce site. High conversion rates help boost revenue growth.

    In the current digital marketplace that we live in, e-commerce sites need to have a strong e-commerce conversion strategy in place if they want to thrive against an increasing number of competitors each year.

    There’s no doubt that optimizing your site for conversions can be overwhelming. In this post, we’ll walk you through some tips you can apply to your overall marketing strategy

    8 Useful E-commerce Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rates

    AI powered feed optimization tool

    1. Add a pop-up to your site

    For pop-ups, the average conversion rate is 3.09 percent, according to Sumo. However, you need to ensure that you’re doing it correctly.

    Here are some handy tips on how you can get the highest conversion rates from pop-ups:

    • Try out different offers (free stuff, access to premium content, PDF, etc.)
    • To keep pop-ups from being annoying, place a 30-second delay timer.
    • Make the pop-up easy to close.
    • Set a cookie, that way, it only appears once per user. Most pop-up tools will let you do this.

    2. Make a simple and easy navigation

    If users can’t easily find what they’re looking for at the moment, they walk into your webpage. Then they’ll navigate away and instead look at your competitors’ sites.

    With the navigation bar placed on top of the screen, visitors can easily find the intermediary product category page that they might be looking for. They can then dig deeper into the specific products offered in each category.

    Now, everything’s well for people browsing your site looking for the products they like. But for people who already know what they’re looking for, you need to give them a more solid search solution.

    Although there are a lot of factors to consider, one of your primary concerns is to ensure that your visitor is shown the most relevant search products related to that search term. Ideally, your product pages need to be well-put-out and complete with vital information to match your customers’ queries.

    3. Use feed automation 

    A product feed plays a crucial part in your store’s inventory management and shopping ads. Many third-party apps provide automated actions that can optimize your feed.  

    Your products are more relevant to the user’s search when you have an optimized feed, so your ads are more likely to appear. This will, increase the chance of someone finding your products in their search and buying them.

    4. Use live chat software

    With today’s ever-competitive e-commerce landscape, you must provide a live chat solution. Not only that but there should also be someone available from your team to chat with. There’s nothing worse than your customers having to contact support only to find out that there’s no one from the other end to help them.

    Establishing a human connection to your customers helps build trust, but it can also be a significant tipping point in converting customers.

    Using pop-ups, live chats, and feed automation are just three ways to increase conversions on your e-commerce site, dive in for more.

    5. Optimize your checkout process

    Cart abandonment is one of the major concerns that many e-commerce businesses have to deal with. The cart abandonment rate is currently at 75.6%.

    Having these rates so high, you need to offer a refined and convenient checkout process that’s simple and easy to use. Although eliminating it might be impossible, you can streamline the checkout process to boost your conversion rates.

    Here are some tips:

    • Make the checkout process easy to fill and understand.
    • Users don’t need to register before checking out.
    • Get rid of any unnecessary steps or data.
    • Utilize data analytics to provide users with a better customer experience.

    Also, when your customers reach the end zone, don’t make them jump through hoops. In other words, optimizing the checkout process goes a long way in lowering cart abandonment rates and boosting conversions.

    6. Use a CRO planner

    Another way that you can boost your conversion rates is by using a CRO planner. You can analyze and develop an excellent strategy to grow your conversion rates with it.

    Here, you’ll find instructions on how to do site audits, identify critical areas in boosting your conversion funnel, understand the users on your site, and go through A/B testing and experimentation.

    CRO planners can be particularly handy since they take you through the entire process from A to Z.

    7. Make information super easy to consume (Cognitive Ease)

    The most successful brands know that the information that they put out should be easily actionable and consumable. Your prospects won’t likely act if it will take so much effort for them to understand, consume content, and act on it, especially if they’re on the go.

    If you have video content, always consider adding transcription for your content so you can deliver the message appropriately. See this list of best transcription software to choose from.

    They also need to make the checkout effortless and their site easy to use on mobile. Your visitors don’t need to take so much effort to understand your message and the actions you expect them to take.

    Here are some tips:

    • Make your site mobile-friendly.
    • Keep your site clear and straightforward.
    • Come up with aesthetically appealing product images and videos.
    • Make forms, buttons, and pages easy to navigate.
    • Simplify the entire checkout process.

    8. Stop guessing your customer’s needs

    Knowing your prospects’ intent and then aligning the online experience you provide to fit that intent is one of the best ways to drive conversions.

    Utilize A/B and multivariate testing to know what users want. One of the biggest conversion killers is assumptions about user experience.

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      Over to You

      Designing a site the right way is one of the best ways that you can support life-long customers. Incorporating the tips above with your design will, in turn, lead to a higher e-commerce conversion rate and long-term business success.

      The following tips that we’ve mentioned will help you to boost your e-commerce conversion rates and to ensure that you won’t be wasting your ad budget. Good luck!

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