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    Google Ads’ GA4 Audience Builder Simplifies Audience Creation

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    Google Ads has announced a new feature that will make it easier for users to create and activate campaign audiences within the platform. The feature provides access to the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) audience builder directly within the Google Ads user interface, streamlining the audience creation process.

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    The new feature is set to be available in Google Ads in the coming months and aims to help users save time and work more efficiently by simplifying the entire audience creation process from start to finish.

    To enable the feature, Google Ads is introducing a cross-product access management model that allows GA4 property admins to set explicit permissions available to users in a linked Google Ads account. This will enable GA4 Admins to assign roles to different permissions in Google Ads, such as Administrator, Standard, and Read-only, which will determine access to Analytics features embedded into Google Ads, including the ability to create Analytics audiences from within the Google Ads UI.

    To take full advantage of the new feature, users must link their Google Ads account to their Analytics property. This integration allows for data flow between both products, enabling users to see the entire customer cycle from how users interact with marketing campaigns to how they complete goals set on the site or app. Additionally, linking the two allows users to see their Google Ads campaigns in the Acquisition overview report and access new Google Ads dimensions in the User acquisition report. The integration also lets users import Analytics conversions into their Google Ads account, enhancing remarketing campaigns with Analytics audience data.

    To link a GA4 property to a Google Ads account, users must use a Google account with the correct permissions. In Analytics, users must have the Editor role for the property they want to link, while in Google Ads, the same Google account needs administrative access. Any data imported from Analytics will be available to all client accounts if linked to a Google Ads manager account.

    Final Thoughts

    In summary, Google Ads’ new feature provides direct access to the GA4 audience builder, making creating and activating audiences for campaigns easier. Linking Google Ads to Google Analytics simplifies the audience creation process and allows users to create and apply GA4 audiences to campaigns from within the platform, saving time. Lastly, the integration allows users to import Google Analytics conversions into their Google Ads account and enhance remarketing campaigns with Analytics audience data.

    Source: Search Engine Journal

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