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    Google Certifications And What You Need To Know

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    Google certifications can jumpstart your new career. If you’re considering a new career in a tech-related field, a Google certification may be right for you. 

    With a Google certification, you can gain the skills employers want quickly and at an affordable price. Rather than spending years at a traditional university, you can complete a Google certification in a few months, and it won’t cost you more than an average car payment. 

    That said, Google certifications aren’t ideal for everyone. Below we’ll explain what Google certifications are, who should consider completing them, and everything else you need to know before starting one.

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    What Are Google Certifications?

    A Google certification is an online course that can help you start a new career in an in-demand field. 

    Courses are available in:

    • Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
    • IT Support
    • Data Analytics
    • Project Management
    • UX Design 

    Using a flexible, study-when-you-can approach, these courses fast-track the learning process. With as little as ten hours of study time per week, you can complete a Google certification in three to six months. 

    Google created these certifications with beginners in mind. The idea behind each course is to give people paths into industries with available jobs as quickly as possible. 

    Rather than spend years studying at a college or university, a three to six-month certificate program can help you get your foot in the door at major companies that are hiring now. 

    Within each course, Google also offers career resources, including coaching sessions, mock interviews, and a professional resume builder. 

    On top of that, Google provides a networking platform that allows you to share your resume with top employers. 

    So, while Google can’t promise you’ll find a new job thanks to their certificate, they certainly set their students up for success. 

    Who Should Get Google Certifications?

    Google certifications are for anyone looking to start a new career or pivot an existing one into an in-demand industry. For example, if you’re interested in Data Analytics or IT support but don’t have a degree or experience in those fields, a Google certificate is perfect for you. 

    Google certificates may also be helpful for those who already have some experience and need to validate their knowledge. Listing a Google certificate on your resume or LinkedIn profile could show prospective employers that your skills are legitimate. 

    However, it’s crucial to note that Google certification courses assume their students are total beginners. And certificate courses set graduates up for entry-level positions in the industry. 

    So, if you’re already an experienced data analyst with a college degree, taking the data analyst course is unlikely to be very valuable. 

    Why Are Google Certifications Important?

    Google certifications change the standard education model in a major way. Instead of requiring a high-cost degree, students can access an affordable, flexible course that sets them up for a potentially high-paying career. 

    For people who want to change careers or start one without going into debt or investing too much time, Google certifications are a crucial step. 

    There are other certification programs available, of course, but none of them have Google’s reputation, and few cater to complete beginners at such an affordable rate. Plus, other certification programs don’t set students up with an employer network the way Google can.

    So, obtaining a Google certificate may be vital if you want to change careers or start your career in a fast-growing tech-related industry. At the least, it’s incredibly helpful. 

    Can You Get Hired With a Google Certification?

    Google can’t promise a job upon certificate completion, but surveys would suggest that a Google certificate does help job-seekers gain employment or make a career advancement. 

    According to Google’s 2021 program survey, 75% of program graduates report career improvement within six months of program completion. 

    That stat isn’t surprising when you look at how Google sets up its courses. Everything they include is geared towards employment. They teach the skills employers are looking for, then offer tools to help you build a stand-out resume and ace interviews. 

    Plus, you gain access to Google’s Employer Consortium when you complete the program. A consortium is a group of over 150 major employers, including:

    • Target
    • Wells Fargo
    • Verizon
    • Deloitte
    • Walmart
    • Bayer
    • and many, many more. 

    Of course, Google hires out of its certification program as well. That’s the major reason they started the certification programs! They couldn’t find enough qualified applicants to fill the roles at their company. 

    How Much Do Google Certifications Cost?

    Google certifications are very affordable, but they aren’t free. To access the program, you need a Coursera subscription. Coursera charges $39 per month for U.S. users. The price varies in other countries. 

    All subscriptions start with a 7-day free trial. So, you can try the program before committing. 

    Given that a course typically takes three to six months, most program graduates spend less than $300 on their certification. 

    $300 is very affordable compared to other education options, but it’s not feasible for everyone. Luckily, Google offers financial aid and scholarships. So, if the Coursera subscription is out of your price range, you may still be able to take advantage of the program. 

    Things to Note About Google Certifications

    Google certifications are a reputable way to gain skills that big employers seek. However, it’s important to note that there are other certification programs that the tech industry recognizes and sometimes requires. 

    For example, many tech jobs require a CompTIA A+ certification. This certification requires a lot of study and multiple exams to achieve. Major tech players like Dell and HP require it for many of their employees. 

    However, if you’re new to the tech world or pivoting from a different industry, the CompTIA A+ certification and others like it may be too advanced. So, you may want to start with a Google certificate before pursuing other, more advanced certifications. 

    It’s also crucial to note that Google certification programs are entirely remote and on your terms. So, they may be difficult to complete if you learn best in person or need significant structure to pass a class. 

    Google certifications are a reputable way to gain skills that big employers seek. However, it's important to note that there are other certification programs that the tech industry recognizes and sometimes requires.

    Are Google Certifications Worth It?

    Given the low barriers to entry when it comes to receiving a Google certification, these programs seem worth it. 

    Google reports that the median salary for jobs they prepare program graduates for is $66,000. Given that the program costs around $300, these certifications are an incredible investment. 

    So, if you’re new to the tech industry and want to start or pivot your career, a Google certificate is a good place to start. 

    However, if you already have a tech background or experience, you might benefit from more advanced certifications instead. 

    Best Google Certifications To Get 

    The best Google certification to get depends on what you want to do with your career. Below, we summarize each certification program, including job forecasts for that area. 

    Data Analysis

    A data analyst looks for trends and patterns in data that help businesses make decisions. With Google’s Data Analysis certification, you can find a job in a fast-growing field like healthcare or finance. 

    The median salary for data analysis is $74,000, and experts expect this field to grow

    Project Manager

    Project managers plan, organize, and carry out projects at companies of all sizes. They’re responsible for ensuring projects reach completion on time and within budget. 

    According to Google, the median salary for project managers is $73,000. However, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics data shows that this salary varies significantly by industry. For example, the median salary for a project manager in finance and securities is $129,000, and in oil and gas, it’s $151,000. 

    UX Design

    If you consider yourself creative, UX design might be a good fit. UX designers help develop digital and physical products that are intuitive and sleek. 

    The median salary in this field is $99,000. The jobs aren’t as in-demand as other fields, but if you’re good at design, a UX design certificate could launch a very lucrative career. 

    IT Support Professional

    IT support professionals are problem solvers that enjoy helping people. The median salary in IT support is relatively low at only $55,000, but the work is flexible. 

    You can work non-traditional hours, and almost every company needs IT support professionals. So the job market is vast and crosses industries. 

    Digital Marketing and E-Commerce 

    Digital marketing is all about reaching customers. E-commerce turns that reach into more sales. These jobs allow you to work with people and technology creatively. 

    Google reports that the median salary for this field is $51,000, which may not seem like much compared to other certificate fields. However, marketing specialists have the potential to make far more depending on the company they work for and the career path they choose. 

    Main Takeaway

    Getting a Google certificate can jumpstart your career in a new field without putting you into debt or taking up too much time. If you want to pivot into the tech industry, a Google certificate is a great place to start. You can read more about each certificate program on the Grow with Google site. 

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