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    Google Merchant Center Opts Into All Automatic Condition Updates

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    Starting June 26th, 2022, Google Merchant Center is opting all accounts in for “automatic item updates” for item conditions. This feature will automatically match the condition setting for your product on Shopping ads, Buy on Google, and free product listings to match the listing on your landing page.

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    All Google Merchant accounts will have enabled the “automatic item updates for item condition” setting. This update means the automatic item updates feature will include the condition of a product, in addition to the price and availability. The condition refers to the state of an object and ranges from mint condition to heavily used and is included in the information that will be automatically updated. 

    The information listed on your home site will automatically carry over for these data points and display them on Shopping ads, Buy on Google, and free product listings. The condition of a product is critical to display correctly since it will help refine search results. With this information, customers can ensure the product’s condition is within desired limits for their purposes.

    Automatic item updates are a feature that will help ensure that the Google ad listings for your product match any changes made in the data provided by your site. Until recently, automatic item updates only matched changes in price or availability. 

    Starting June 26th, 2022, Google Merchant Center is opting all accounts in for “automatic item updates” for item conditions.

    Now, the product’s condition is included as well. Synchronizing changes across platforms should be easier than ever with this new feature. 

    Automatic item updates exist to keep data accurate and consistent across platforms but aren’t a replacement for checking in and updating the item listings. This update is only a tool designed to aid in the process and prevent item disapproval due to mismatched information.

    Item disapproval happens when the product information on your website does not match the information you provide for Google listings. It can also occur when the data does not comply with the product data specification. 

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      Any product that is disapproved will be removed from Shopping ads and free listings. This will need correction before the item appears in the ads and listings again.

      It is possible to disable this feature and update the data for your products manually. Automatic item updates can be disabled with a few simple steps:

      1. First, sign in to your Merchant Center account. 
      2. Click on the tools icon, which looks like a gear.
      3. Click “Automatic improvements” under the “Settings” section
      4. Here, you can enable or disable automatic updates for the price, availability, and condition – individually or all together.  

      It is important to keep in mind that this feature will automatically update the status of your listings on Google. If this auto-synchronization is disabled, any mismatched product information will cause item disapproval. Without this feature, you will need to update the product price, availability, and condition manually.

      Source: Google Merchant Center Help

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