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    How To Get a Google Analytics Certification?

    Google AnalyticsMarketing AnalyticsPPCPPC Basics


    • Sign up to be a Google Partner.
    • Take courses at the Google Analytics Academy.
    • Take the GAIQ Exam

    Total time:

    • GAIQ exam: 90 minutes
    • Study time: 1-4 hours
    • Total Certification: 6 months



    Task Yields:

    Understand Google Analytics to your advantage and grow your business

    Table of Contents

    Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools in your online arsenal, but learning how to maximize its benefits takes some time. You could hire a Google Analytics specialist or try to figure things out as you go, but there’s a simpler, faster solution.

    A Google Analytics certificate is the most efficient, cost-effective way to learn how to optimize the platform for your needs. Completing a certification course doesn’t just earn you a piece of paper; it provides you with the knowledge you need to get the most out of Google Analytics.

    After reading this article, you will know what it takes to obtain a google analytics certificate and how it could benefit your organization.

    What Is a Google Analytics Certificate?

    Google offers several free courses through the Analytics Academy. Users can take the courses to learn how to use Google Analytics for their organizations.

    Of note, you can also obtain professional certification through Google’s partnership with Coursera. The Google Data Analytics Certificate program takes a deeper dive and requires users to complete a comprehensive curriculum.

    The Google Data Analytics Certificate program takes less than six months to complete and you can complete the course as it fits with your schedule. Completing the course also opens the door to multiple opportunities within the data analytics industry.

    Those interested in taking the course would do so through Coursera. The Google Data Analytics Certificate costs $39 per month via a subscription with Coursera.

    The #1 Reason Why You Need To Get a Google Analytics Certificate

    The top reason to get a Google Analytics Certificate is that the platform and training are free. It costs you a bit of time to learn the best ways to leverage a powerful free tool to grow your organization. 

    It’s the best way to pick up valuable information and tricks to improve your Google Analytics use. Plus, you get a profile page and certificate for Google Analytics to show off!

    How To Get a Google Analytics Certificate in 5 Easy Steps

    Getting your Google Analytics Certificate is not as hard as it sounds, and you can do it in five easy steps:

    • Sign up for Google Partners
    • Complete the videos in the Google Analytics Academy
    • Brush up on tips and tricks from industry experts
    • Practice, practice, practice
    • Take the test

    You can take as much time as you need to master the information because you need to pass the test at the end.

    Sign Up for Google Partners

    Start by joining Google Partners. There are three tiers to choose from, but the Partner and Premier Partner levels require you to meet specific standards.

    Complete the Videos in the Google Analytics Academy 

    Becoming a Google Partner gives you access to the educational content in the Analytics Academy. There are four levels to choose from, depending on your experience and comfort with the platform.

    • Beginners learn the fundamentals in a four-unit course that introduces the platform and gives you enough information to get started.
    • Advanced users pick up more skills in the second-level course with introductions to more advanced practices and techniques.
    • Power users can take a course that dives deeper into conversion rates and improving engagement.
    • Users who plan to upgrade to Google Analytics 360 can take a seven-unit course that provides an overview of the enterprise-level platform.

    Each module contains several units that include a range of quizzes and tips to help prepare you for the exam. Users can also take the Introduction to Data Studio and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals courses as companions to the above options. 

    Of note, the above courses cover Universal Analytics which is slated to end on July 23, 2022. If you have already upgraded to Google Analytics 4 or plan to soon, you want to take the related courses through Skillshop. There are still four options, but they work a bit differently.

    Brush Up On Tips and Tricks 

    Google offers various support options, including mini-courses and a YouTube channel with additional videos. You can also find many articles from reputable publications and on LinkedIn. 

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    Take some time to practice by applying what you learned to a demo account. If you feel ready, apply it to your existing account. Review the information you learned against your numbers and make sure you know what everything means. 

    If you feel prepared, Google some practice quizzes to test your knowledge. You can even try the one-hour study session through SkillShop.

    Take the Test

    Are you ready to earn your Google Analytics Certificate? Take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test. It’s free and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete the 70 questions, including multiple choice and true/false answers. Note that you can’t pause it or skip any questions and come back to them. 

    Answer at least 56 questions correctly to earn your Google Analytics certificate. The certificate is good for 12 months, so you must renew it every three months.

    If you score less than 80%, you can retake the exam, but you must wait seven days.

    Tips for Successfully Getting a Google Analytics Certificate

    While obtaining your Google Analytics certificate is not overly challenging, it requires some effort. If you want to pass it on the first attempt, these tips and tricks might help.

    • Take your time going through videos and taking notes because they will come in handy later. 
    • Try other analytics courses through educational platforms like Udemy. Everything you pick up can come in handy and expand your skill set.
    • Before you start the exam, open a second tab or window with your notes to keep them accessible. There’s nothing to prohibit you from using them. 

    Finally, make sure you consider your testing location carefully. Choose a quiet place to dedicate your full attention to the exam. 

    Now that you know how to get a Google Analytics Certificate, it might seem crazy that you waited this long to start. After all, every nugget of wisdom that can give you an edge and help you grow your business is worthwhile, especially when it’s free. 

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