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    Kids Digital Advertising Market Value to Skyrocket ~$18 Bn by 2031

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    Digital marketing experts predict that the extensive use of advertising in the kids’ market is causing a rapid expansion in the marketing budgets of top companies worldwide. Top marketing executives are taking notice and using new digital strategies to interact with kids and their parents in real-time. 

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    About 1.5 billion children own cell phones worldwide. This number is likely higher because of the lack of a reliable global measure. The latest research In the United States shows that 62% of children ages 2 to 17 own a smartphone.

    Advertisers are learning to reach kids and their parents by delivering on-time marketing messages through mobile advertising channels, including social media sites like Facebook.

    Mobile advertising is driving the increase, with over 60% of the market share dedicated to kids’ advertising on mobile phones, social media, and website marketing. According to marketing experts, mobile advertising offers an on-demand marketing solution that can reach kids and parents in real-time as soon as they ask about a product or service.

    Advertisers market to children using technology in a variety of ways. Many marketers use app stores as one way to market their products and services to kids. They may also create content specifically for a younger audience or offer special deals and discounts for youngsters.

    According to the parents of kids aged 10 to 12, 49% of their children use social media apps, and 28% use educational apps, making them ideal platforms for marketing.

    How Advertisers Market to Kids on Social Media

    Advertisers market to kids on social media by targeting them with fun, exciting, and educational content. They also use targeted ads to show children products they might be interested in that promote a healthy lifestyle.

    Catchy Titles and Bright Slogans

    Savvy advertisers appeal to kids by using catchy slogans and bright colors. They also place ads on popular websites that kids frequent (like YouTube or social media sites). Sponsoring content that children find fun or exciting is another digital marketing strategy. 

    TikTok Video Marketing for Kids

    Several great TikTok ads are marketing to kids. For example, one ad features a kid dancing to the popular song “I Want To Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me).” Another spot shows preschoolers adorably performing gymnastics. These videos are fun and catchy, making them perfect for getting kids excited about using TikTok.

    Value of the Digital Advertising Market for Kids 

    There is no definitive answer as the value of digital advertising for kids continually changes. However, according to a study by eMarketer, in 2017, the global digital advertising market was worth $24.5 billion. We expect it to grow steadily over the next five years to reach $32.8 billion by 2021-22. This increase signifies an increase of almost 18% from the current levels.

    Source: Transparency Market Research

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