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    Native Video Ads Have a Stronger Impact on Brand Favorability

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    On June 29th, 2022, Taboola and Kantar, a globally recognized advertising company and a data analyst company, released the results of their own independent brand impact study. The study goal was to determine the effectiveness of native video advertising in different media environments since video advertising has quickly become the most popular form of advertising worldwide.

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    The study found that native video advertisements substantially impact a brand’s image more than other video advertising methods such as social media or video platforms. Native video advertisements give consumers more brand awareness and a more positive brand image than other forms of video advertising.

    The two main measures of the study were a brand’s favorability and awareness. Brand favorability and awareness are the two most significant factors regarding advertising which is why the statistics regarding these factors are so vital.

    • Brand favorability is how many consumers like the company.
    • Brand awareness is how many consumers are at least aware of the company.

    Instead of going through all the meaningless data and findings in the study, the companies highlighted that there were two key findings:

    • Native Video Ads Brand Favorability: 59%

    -Social Platform Video Ads Brand Favorability: 50%

    -Video Platform Video Ads Brand Favorability: 51%

    • Adding native video ads increased a brand’s awareness by 26%

    Brand favorability and awareness are the two most significant factors regarding advertising which is why the statistics regarding these factors are so vital.

    What the Data Means

    The results show vast differences when considering how similar the advertisements are. The only difference is the platform of the video advertisement. Native video ads showed a distinct advantage in brand favorability and especially brand awareness. The study showed that effectively choosing platforms for a media campaign can be as impactful as the ad content itself.

    Additionally, the study concluded that multi-channel video campaigns promoted greater viewer engagement than single-channel campaigns. Combining social media, video, audio, and other media platforms was the key to improving advertising campaign effectiveness.


    Taboola, Inc is an advertising company formed in 2007, headquartered in New York, NY. It is known for providing advertisements such as “Around the Web” and “Recommended For You” boxes at the bottom of news articles. Taboola is a publically traded company with revenues of over 1 billion dollars annually. Its partnership with Kantar resulted from years of comparing data across platforms.

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      Kantar Group

      The Kantar Group, founded in 1992, is a data analytics and branding company based in London, England. It is an international company with offices in over 90 markets, including the US, Brazil, China, India, France, and Spain. Its parent company, Bain Capital Private Equity, is valued at over 4 billion dollars.

      Source: Exchange Wire

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