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    Pinterest’s “We Belong Here” Campaign is Helping LGBTQIA+ Creators Grow

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    Pinterest’s new “We Belong Here” campaign goes beyond rainbow branding and supportive phrases. Pinterest’s Pride month campaign expands its Creator Fund to the United Kingdom and Brazil. It promises to help the LGBTQIA+ community by reducing the barrier of entry to reach new audiences. 

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    It’s no secret that Gen Z is the generation that challenges societal norms, especially when it 

    comes to gender and sexuality. Their advocacy has left an impression on the Pinterest Predictions 2022 report. 

    Pinterest has seen an upward trend in global searches for gender expression, seeking support, and fostering a community. Phrases like “gender fluidity,” “genderfluid aesthetic,” and “genderfluid flag” have seen a sizable increase in the report. Among other terms that have been on the rise are “coming out photoshoot,” “lgbt ally,” and “lgbt poster design.” 

    Pinterest has also seen an increase in global searches relating to LGBTQIA+ education, such as “lgbt movie list” and “lgbt history,” which have experienced a 90% increase.

    Through searches, Pinterest users have been communicating what matters to them in 2022, and Pinterest is choosing to listen. 

    Pinterest's Pride month campaign promises to help the LGBTQIA+ community by reducing the barrier of entry to reach new audiences.

    Pinterest’s “We Belong Here” Campaign

    Pinterest’s “We Belong Here” campaign for pride month goes beyond positive phrases and colorful branding. For Pride month, Pinterest has extended its Creator Fund and promotes LGBTQIA+ creators across the platform. 

    A Newsroom report released by Pinterest made the statement:

     “To ensure the creativity that comes from LGBTQIA+ creators is not overlooked, the Creator Fund will reduce barriers of entry for them to reach new audiences on Pinterest and give them resources to bring even more creativity to the platform.”

    Throughout June, Pinterest has highlighted LGBTQIA+ creators through Pinterest TV, an initiative launched in November 2021 that airs new episodes Monday through Friday, 3 pm PDT/ 6 pm EDT. 

    For Pride Month, Pinterest has also expanded the Pinterest Creator Fund Program in the United Kingdom and Brazil. 

    Pinterest’s Creator Fund was first introduced in April 2021 as a strategy to reduce the barrier to success for creators from historically marginalized communities who are disproportionately underrepresented on Pinterest. The fund fosters talent by providing financial and educational support to creators accepted into the program. 

    In the United Kingdom, the creator fund has focused on fashion and beauty creators. On the other hand, Brazil’s creator fund includes creators for food, decor, beauty, and fashion. 

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      “Somebody Needs You” Campaign with David Lovric

      In addition to the “We Belong Here” campaign for Pride month, Pinterest has also launched a “Somebody Needs You” campaign with Pinterest Creator and Makeup Influencer David Lovric. This campaign centers around the notion that makeup is for everyone, including boys. 

      In the 15s TV advertisement, a teenage boy is sitting in front of a mirror holding an eyeshadow pallet and a smartphone displaying a How-To makeup video of David Lovric. Lovric suddenly appears next to the boy and nods at the boy with a smile. The boy turns back to the mirror and applies the makeup while the phrase “Share Your Ideas On Pinterest” appears. 

      Pinterest recognizes how Lovric’s makeup how-tos have inspired Pinterest users to “explore their authentic selves.”

      Source: Pinterest News Room

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