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    Research Reveals the Power of Music in Advertising

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    A recent study from The Music, Mind, and Brain Research Group at the University of London found that music can increase positive emotions towards advertisement by 16.4% – a breakthrough for marketing agencies worldwide.

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    The research in question comes from a study titled A Large Scale Investigation Into the Effects of Music in Advertising. The research group partnered with SoundOut, a pioneer sonic testing, and sound-branding company.

    Over 600,000 consumers worldwide participated in the study, making it one of the most thorough (and successful) marketing studies.

    The UK government financed the study through a program called the Innovate Fund. Beyond the fascinating results, the groundbreaking methods used in the research help advertisers, influencers, and marketing firms use music effectively in their ads. 

    Music can increase positive emotions towards advertisement by 16.4% - a breakthrough for marketing agencies worldwide.

    The Results

    The study provided insight into how music impacts the conscious and subconscious mind. Although researchers have already mapped the general conscious response to music, this research is the first significant study concentrated solely on the subconscious.

    The results revealed that music increases emotional responses to a video by about 16.4%. The amount that the visceral response increases directly correlates with the type of video. For example, peaceful, intense, or defiant videos deliver a higher sentimental impact, while music in technical or simple videos establishes a lesser emotional response.

    SoundOut plans to conduct further rigorous music-based subconscious tests reliant on the findings of this study. Ultimately, SoundOut hopes to help brands ensure that their marketing music choices are not just on brand but also reinforce essential attributes that brands aspire to communicate to customers.

    Methodologies and Further Points of Interest

    This study was remarkable not only for its results but for the sheer scale and ambition of the project and the technology utilized to run the experiments. David Courtier-Dutton, the CEO of SoundOut, said that this study was unprecedented in its range of diverse participants, and it delivered significant evidence for the emotional influence of music.

    The study leveraged the expertise of leading music psychologists and data points from over 600,000 individuals. The ability to run an investigation of this size represents a leap forward for music psychology and businesses. It proves that substantial studies significantly impact our understanding of the subconscious – especially when products or investments become involved.

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      To conclude 

      You likely know that music affects your emotions. Whether you hear your favorite song and have an instantly-improved day or relate a specific tune to someone in your life, music is a deeply personal experience. However, until now, no viable research studies existed to prove the emotional effect of music in the advertising realm.

      The impact this report will have on the future study of music psychology—particularly the study of the use of music in the commercial world—is immense. It will provide data for scientists and psychologists to research further and give companies a new way to reach their clients. 

      Source: Advanced Television

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