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Shopify has recently announced that it has made one of its most significant investments in the creator space, acquiring Dovetale. Dovetale is a software startup that aids businesses in managing their influencer marketing programs. Notably, upon acquiring Dovetail, Shopify declined to make the price of its acquisition known to the public.

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Shopify has stated they will make Dovetale free to use for all of its current and future merchants. 

The acquisition will be essential for creators who need help promoting products from other companies and are not ready to launch their own brands. Dovetale helps these creators and brands connect with each other for promotions.

The acquisition of Dovetale and the service it provides to creators is not all Shopify has been trying to accomplish. The e-commerce juggernaut has been making moves to make it big in the creator space over the past year and a half.

Shopify has been working on marketing itself as the go-to e-commerce software for the creator space, building various tools to help creators depending on where they are at. 

Why Is Shopify Doing This?

The Dovetale acquisition is just one of the many things Shopify has been working towards over the last year and a half. Just last month, they released a link-in-bio tool called Linkpop, aiming at creators who want to promote multiple lines of business.

They aren’t only aiming to help smaller creators. They also are working on systems to support more prominent influencers. 

Shopify’s 10-person creator program team can help manage and fund the entire creation of an influencer’s brand. This help ranges from designing their website to aiding them in searching for a manufacturer for their products. 

To further incentivize the use of their creator tools, some tools like Dovetale and Linkpop are free to use. As a result, more creators are having an increased interest in promoting other businesses’ products and creating their own due to these tools.

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