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    The 99 Most Viewed Websites in the US for 2022


    Are you curious about which websites garner the most traffic in the United States? You’re not alone. Based on various traffic analytics tools, the list below is the most visited websites in the U.S.

    Pay attention to our list especially if you’re looking to design a website for yourself.

    *A Note from Adcore: Adult websites are ranked throughout the list but have been excluded from consideration in this article to maintain professionalism in keeping up with Adcore’s content.

    1. Google 

    This is far and away the most visited website in the U.S. with almost double the visits of the next closest competitor.

    2. YouTube 

    The video-sharing website has been a mainstay on high-traffic lists for decades. 

    3. Facebook 

    Americans love their social media and Facebook is by far the most popular site to visit. 

    4. Amazon 

    The king of online shopping, Amazon generates billions of traffic hits every day.

    5. Yahoo 

    Another popular email and news hub, Yahoo is a staple for internet users.

    6. Reddit 

    When a topic hits the news cycle and you want to know how people feel about it, go to Reddit. 

    7. Apple 

    If you produce the most popular electronic device on the planet, chances are your website is going to generate traffic. 

    8. PayPal 

    With so much business being generated online, the most popular money distribution service online is bound to make this list. 

    9. Instagram 

    Another social media site, Instagram is wildly popular among the younger crowd. 

    10. Twitter 

    For real-time reactions from your favorite sources, nothing beats Twitter. 

    11. Wikipedia 

    When a Google search just isn’t good enough. 

    12. Bing 

    An alternative search engine to Google, Bing has been around for years trying to compete with the king. 

    13. Walmart 

    The king of retail is also gaining ground on Amazon when it comes to online shopping. 

    14. Fandom 

    A relative newcomer to the list, Fandom is a growing website that describes itself as an online meeting place for fans of all types of entertainment.

    15. Microsoft Online 

     Microsoft Online is the home of a variety of products such as Xbox, Surface tablets, Windows operating software, and much more. 

    16. Indeed 

    With a red-hot job market in the U.S these days, it stands to reason that the most popular job search website would make this list.

    17. LinkedIn 

    The social media site for the professional crowd.

    18. TikTok  

    Perhaps the fastest-rising name on this list is TikTok. The short video-sharing app and website have taken the U.S. and the world by storm.

    19. DuckDuckGo 

    a search engine site where privacy is a priority.

    20. eBay 

    Once the undisputed king of online shopping, eBay is still a popular internet destination. 

    21. Quora 

    Instead of asking Google or Siri a question and trying to interpret the results, millions of people try sites like Quora where they can ask everyday people what they think.

    22. The Weather Channel 

    While some fads and sites will come and go, there is always going to be a need to know how the weather is going to be. 

    23. Twitch 

    A live streaming service that allows you to watch and interact with professional gamers and celebrities. 

    24. Etsy 

    Imagine Amazon but for homemade arts and crafts. 

    25. Office 

    PCs are still the preferred computer option for most businesses. With the Microsoft Office suite of applications, this website will be a busy one for the foreseeable future.

    26. Netflix 

    With TV streaming becoming increasingly popular, sites like Netflix continue to climb this list.

    27. USPS 

    Just like the Weather listing, websites don’t always have to be exciting to garner heavy traffic. The USPS site is always an essential destination for Americans.

    28. Zillow 

    The go-to website for home buyers and sellers.

    29. CNN 

    The world leader in news programming, CNN is a website that consistently sees traffic, especially during election years.

    30. Pinterest 

    This social media website is for creative types to share their ideas and for everyday people to get inspiration for their ideas.

    31. The New York Times 

    Another news site that garners a lot of hits is the New York Times. While it began as a traditional newspaper outlet, they have successfully transitioned to the digital age.

    32. Hulu 

    This streaming service is gaining ground on its chief rival Netflix every year.

    33. Microsoft 

    Another offshoot of the Microsoft machine. This website offers troubleshooting advice and other valuable information for your PC software.

    34. IMDb 

    Anything you want to know about your favorite actors and movies?

    35. Live  

    This website helps you navigate and set up your Outlook email and calendar account and is a must for most businesses.

    36. Shein 

    A growing, but controversial, shopping website that caters to discount clothing shoppers, Shein offers a wide variety of products at great deals.

    37. Discord 

    A popular website for communicating with work colleagues through video calls and messaging is Discord. 

    38. Wikimedia 

    This website was founded with a mission to bring educational content to users around the world.

    39. Target  

    This big box retailer is considered the main rival to Walmart as it continues to grow its online presence.

    40. Roblox  

    Another gaming website that garners a lot of traffic is Roblox. This platform offers a variety of games and even allows users to create their own.

    41. Fox News  

    While CNN is considered the world leader in news, Fox News is the most-watched cable news channel in the U.S. Its website also gets millions of hits daily.

    42. Search 

    Another relative newcomer to the search engine industry is search-hub. co. This site offers an alternative to others like Google and Bing.

    43. ESPN 

    Whether you’re looking for score updates or adjusting your fantasy football lineup, this website is always a busy one.

    44. Zoom 

    Another business-friendly messaging and meeting service is Zoom. With the rise in remote work in the U.S., websites like Zoom are becoming more popular.

    45. Adobe 

     If your job or school requires you to use computers, you are very familiar with Adobe and its line of products. 

    46. Affirm 

    When shopping online and you require short-term financing, Affirm is a popular alternative. 

    47. Chase Bank 

    The online banking and credit card giant is a popular site for its users. You can also go online and make mortgage and auto payments when financed through Chase.

    48. McDonald’s 

    The fast food titan offers discounts and promotional offers on its website.

    49. Healthline 

    An online destination for any medical question you may have.

    50. Instructure 

    This website helps schools manage and organize assignments for their students.

    51. Criteo 

    A website dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

    52. The Home Depot 

    One of the two largest home improvement retail stores, you can place orders and manage your store credit card on the Home Depot website.

    “While CNN is considered the world leader in news, Fox News is the most-watched cable news channel in the U.S. Its website also gets millions of hits daily.

    53. Samsung 

    This electronic company offers a wide variety of products from phones to appliances. 

    54. Yelp 

    If you’re unsure of a business and want reviews from previous customers and patrons, Yelp is the site to visit.

    55. Craigslist 

    One of the original peer-to-peer selling websites.

    56. AT&T 

    This telecommunications giant offers not only cell service and phones on its website but has branched out into home internet and cable service as well.

    57. Salesforce

    This company allows marketers to track online users’ behavior and tailor targeted advertisements toward them.

    58. Tumblr 

    A social media hub designed for bloggers.

    59. Best Buy 

    This electronic retail store offers all of its products and credit services on its website. 

    60. Verizon 

    Another telecommunications company that rivals AT&T. Verizon offers wireless and home internet plans on its website.

    61. UPS 

    The package delivery service garners millions of hits from customers arranging and tracking deliveries and shipping supplies.

    62. MSN 

    A popular online news hub, MSN gets millions of visits from users daily.

    63. DoorDash 

    This website is a must-visit for diners looking for food delivery in their area.

    64. Salesforce Platform 

    This website specializes in helping you create your apps and websites.

    65. FedEx 

    The chief rival to UPS, visitors can track their packages and arrange new shipments from their website.

    66. Ticketmaster 

    If you are looking for tickets to anything from concerts to sporting events, Ticketmaster is the long-time leader in the industry.

    67. TripAdvisor 

    Similar to Yelp, if you are planning a trip and want to read reviews from real guests of hotels and restaurants, Tripadvisor has millions of online reviews.

    68. Capital One 

    This credit card and banking company offers its customers a wide variety of online services.

    69. Wells Fargo 

    Another banking company, Wells Fargo allows you to access all of your financial information and conduct business online.

    70. Dropbox 

    DropBox is an online storage company that allows users to share large files.

    71. Uber 

    Customers looking to make appointments with this ride-sharing company can easily do so online.

    72. Salesforce 

    This is a one-stop shop for bringing salespeople and customers together.

    73. CVS 

    You can place orders and check the status of prescriptions on this drugstore giant’s website.

    74. Shopify 

    Another wildly popular online shopping destination.

    75. Okta 

    This online identity verification platform is popular with businesses large and small.

    76. Airbnb 

    A popular site for those looking for an alternative to hotels for their overnight stays.

    77. Expedia 

    This site offers users the ability to search for discounted rooms, flights, and rental cars all in one spot.

    78. Daily Mail 

    This U.K.-based news outlet is popular among U.S. readers as well.

    79. Instacart 

    This grocery delivery and order site is gaining in popularity. 

    80. Patreon 

    A website geared towards creators that allows them to reach a bigger audience.

    81. WordPress 

    A site dedicated to writers looking to start their blog or website.

    82. Blogger 

    Blogspot is another website aimed at aspiring bloggers.

    83. HuffPost 

    This left-leaning news site is a popular destination for news.

    84. Time 

    This news magazine also has strong visibility online.

    85. Bloomberg

    A financial news service.

    86. AliExpress 

    This is an online shopping site with deeply discounted products.

    87. Change

    This is a website dedicated to charitable causes. 

    88. wikiHow 

    A website for instructional tutorials.

    89. CBS News 

    Another destination for news junkies; CBS provides 24-hour reports on world events. 

    90. WebMD 

    WebMD is the go-to spot for any medical questions you may have.

    91. CDC 

    This government-owned website is popular for getting information about diseases.

    92. Forbes 

    Another business-related website.

    93. Wall Street Journal 

    This staple of the news industry has a significant online presence as well.

    94. USA Today 

    USA Today is one of the most trusted news sources that have been around for decades.

    95. BBC 

    Another U.K.-based news site is popular among Americans.

    96. Reuters 

    This worldwide news source is wildly popular around the globe.

    97. WIRED 

    Wired is a great hub for the latest news in the electronic and digital universe.

    98. RedBull

    The energy drink company is also a pop culture favorite with apparel and sporting events.

    99. AOL 

    The once-upon-a-time “king” of the internet, AOL, is still hanging around making it the last on this list.

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