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    Top 29 MarTech Companies You Should Know About

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    There are many MarTech companies these days, and they’re growing in popularity as well as demand. As to what MarTech is, it refers to marketing technology that creates innovative software solutions for marketing businesses. Here, we will discuss the top 29 MarTech companies in the industry today.

    Things to Consider When Choosing a MarTech Company

    #1 Meeting Business Needs

    A tool may have unique features, but if they don’t serve your business needs, then it’s not the right company for you. Consider what your business needs and existing tools are, and look for a marketing technology company that matches up well.

    #2 Can You Customize It?

    Personalizing your systems ensures that they work for your business, including marketing technology tools. These systems need to work for your team and support your business goals.

    #3 Do You Need Other Tools

    Does your team need additional tools? Things like new social media accounts, software(s), and other tools your team needs to make the most of your marketing technology- a MarTech company should be able to help.

    #4 Free Trials & Pricing

    Staying within your budget is key, so free trials can go a long way. Make sure you understand what you’re getting with a free trial or introductory pricing compared to long-term plans.

    Table of Contents

    #1: Adcore – Best Overall

    Adcore is a digital marketing agency with locations worldwide and experience in all levels of digital marketing. Adcore offers nearly every service a business could need for establishing a meaningful digital presence, including their unique marketing cloud services that make marketing your business effortless. Adcore looks at real-time data to understand your business’s current standing, gaps, opportunities, and potential areas for improvement.

    What we love:

    • Partnered with Google, Facebook, and other major platforms
    • Free service option via the Shopify app
    • Top-tier marketing cloud based apps

    Pricing: Marketing-cloud services from US$33.99 to US$79.99 a month with options for a 21 day free trial. Adcore also offers a bundle option for their technologies.

    #2: Atmosphere – Best Free Platform

    Atmosphere provides users with a streaming service that is free and paid for by advertisements. Enjoy Partner Channels from reputable brands, as well as original television programming.

    Features we loved:

    • Focus on partnerships
    • Creative and innovative approach
    • Straightforward platform

    Pricing: free

    #3: Analytic Partners – Best Analytics

    Analytic Partners provides proprietary technology that state-of-the-art data science technology powers. Clients focused on optimization and measurement metrics should consider Analytic Partners. Their work in forecasting and customer insights helps businesses expand their reach.

    Features we loved:

    • Cutting edge marketing technology
    • Smart data award winner
    • Independent firm with well-known partners

    Pricing: No pricing appears on the website because the company provides custom solutions. Contact the team to discuss options and get a quote.

    #4: Buildout, Inc. – Best for Real Estate

    Buildout, Inc. specializes in marketing automation technology that focuses on the commercial real estate sector. Their clientele consists of over 35,000 brokers and counting. 

    Features we loved:

    • Fully integrated solution with multiple features
    • Three levels to meet different business needs
    • Extensive help center and customer support

    Pricing: Choose from three pricing tiers starting at $120 per user per month. There’s no free trial, but you can request a demo before signing up.

    #5: Ceros – Best for Content

    If you are looking for an experiential content platform, look no further. Ceros, one of the top MarTech companies, focuses on code-free digital content that is immersive and bespoke. They offer content options for several industries, such as finance, real estate, and manufacturing.

    Features we loved:

    • Cloud-based platform
    • Interactive, user-friendly interface
    • Extensive educational materials available 

    Pricing: The website does not list pricing options, but interested companies can request a demo and get a quote from the sales team.

    #6. Conductor – Best for Enterprise Teams

    Conductor is a B2B enterprise. They focus on helping clients aid their customers via content optimization and expedited solutions.

    Features we loved:

    • Includes site optimization tools
    • Guides campaigns based on site analytics
    • 24-hour customer support

    Pricing: No pricing options listed on the website.

    #7: NextRoll – Best for Fast Growth

    Nextroll focuses on intellectual properties that allow their clients to expand their businesses. To do so, NextRoll uses integrated data platforms and machine learning.

    Features we loved:

    • Friendly, reliable support
    • Diverse team and client list
    • Two platforms, one D2C and the other B2B

    Pricing: NextRoll does not list pricing on the website.

    #8: Peapod Digital Labs – Best for Grocery & Delivery Brands

    Peapod Digital Labs currently serves as the main eCommerce engine for Ahold Delhaize USA. Ahold is one of the more successful retail-grocery conglomerates in the country.

    Features we loved:

    • Works with the grocery niche
    • Customizable for local clients
    • Impressive scaling ability

    Pricing: The Peapod Digital Labs team only discusses pricing individually and doesn’t list it on the website.

    #9: Pushnami – Best for Scaling

    Pushnami provides an omnichannel subscriber messaging and engagement system that is utilized by over 20,000 websites. 

    Features we loved:

    • Versatile platform offers comprehensive services
    • Drives millions of dollars in revenue 
    • Helps companies expand globally

    Pricing: Package prices are based on subscribers, starting at one penny per subscriber for the standard level, with a free trial included.

    #10: Sendoso – Building Customer Loyalty

    Sendoso, a top MarcTech company, focuses on making virtual spaces more personal. It is a Series C enterprise currently serving as the No. 1 Sending platform worldwide. Their clients boast a return-on-campaign-investment rate of 200%.

    Features we loved:

    • Highly personalized
    • Interpersonal marketing
    • Multiple product options available

    Pricing: Though the site lists the various tiers available, it doesn’t provide pricing for any of them.

    #11: StackCommerce – Best for Online Brands

    StackCommerce is a rapidly growing commerce platform that is designed for online brands and publishers. With more than 5 million users and a global reach of over a billion monthly visitors, StackCommerce is one to watch. 

    Features we loved:

    • Thousands of potential partnerships
    • Shoppable email feature
    • Multi-faceted approach that lets you pick and choose what avenues to use

    Pricing: StackCommerce does not disclose pricing on the website.

    #12: Wistia – Best for Video Marketing 

    Wistia specializes in designing video marketing software that transforms original podcasts, shows, and videos into powerful marketing tools. Their employees place an added emphasis on creating inclusive, diverse, and impactful user experiences that are both pragmatic and memorable. 

    Features we loved:

    • Usable videos with multiple features
    • Branded video players
    • Transparent pricing and packaging options

    Pricing: Start with the free package or upgrade to another tier.

    • Plus starting at $19 per month when billed annually
    • Pro starting at $79 per month when billed annually
    • Advanced starts at $139 per month when billed annually

    #13: DeepIntent – Best for the Medical Industry

    DeepIntent supplies evergreen data-driven solutions that target the medical advertising niche. Marketers can tap into a wealth of resources, allowing them to devise, launch, gauge, and optimize all of their marketing campaigns using a unified tool.

    Features we loved:

    • Reaches verified audiences, not bots
    • Half-day pharma-focused forum provides valuable insights
    • Delivers real-world analytics

    Pricing: Given the customizable options, you need to contact the sales team to get pricing.

    #14: Customer.Io – Best for Targeting 

    Customer.Io provides an automation tool that is versatile and powerful. It allows users to transmit relevant and targeted messages determined by consumer behavior across multiple mobiles and web products.

    Features we loved:

    • Focused on reaching real customers
    • Intuitive, flexible interface
    • Transparency is a core value

    Pricing: Choose the basic plan starting at $150 per month or build a custom premium plan.

    #15: Ingage – Best Interactive Options

    Ingage focuses on delivering sales content that is engaging, memorable, and interactive to imbue sales presentations with life. The goal is to hold the attention of prospective customers to push conversions. 

    Features we loved:

    • Focused on engaging, interactive campaigns
    • Multi-modal approach
    • CMS and web development options available 

    Pricing: Not available on the website.

    #16: Acquia – Best for Drupal Users  

    Acquia, another top MarTech company, is an open-concept experience enterprise focusing on the digital landscape. Brands are encouraged to harness the power of Drupal to foster genuinely memorable and impactful experiences for their key demographics. 

    Features we loved:

    • Perfect for existing Drupal users
    • Multiple avenues available from one platform
    • Organizes multiple campaigns in one place

    Pricing: To discuss pricing, contact the sales team.

    #17: Drift – Starting a Conversation 

    Those seeking a top-of-the-line acceleration platform to drive their marketing messaging home should look no further. Drift employees utilize conversational sales and marketing techniques to help increase revenue and customer lifetime value in an expedited manner.

    Features we loved:

    • Engage in quality interactions
    • Build trust and make customers feel seen
    • Extensive learning and support library

    Pricing: Try it out through a live demo or test drive, then chat with the sales team for premium, advanced, or enterprise pricing options.

    #18: Duda – Best for Niche Industries

    Duda offers an innovative web design platform for small, medium, and large businesses. From freelance companies to multinational conglomerates, Duda is available to help businesses from every niche expand their corporate goals.

    Features we loved:

    • Create branded everything from websites to mailers
    • Choose from several templates as a starting point
    • Customizable plans available

    Pricing: The basic plan starts at $14 per month when billed annually. Choose the team package to get a 14-day free trial and then pay $22 per month when billed annually. Agencies can pay $44 per month when billed annually for more features. Additionally, you can create a custom plan with the sales team.

    #19: Engagency – Creating Digital Content 

    Engagency is focused on helping businesses maximize their return on investment by driving top-line revenue. To do so, Engagency focuses on creating second-to-none digital experiences to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Features we loved:

    • Exceptional customer service
    • Managed services available
    • Three platforms to choose from

    Pricing: Given the range of options available, Engagency doesn’t provide pricing on the website.

    #20: Infillion – Best for Thinking Outside the Box  

    Infillion amalgamates attention and location-based marketing to create symbiotic customer experiences. Unique data sets are generated to develop better targeting solutions, while actionable measurement solutions are formed in the process. 

    Features we loved:

    • Cutting edge solutions based on real customer behavior
    • Unique strategies
    • Multiple products available

    Pricing: With so many products available, Infillion does not provide pricing on the website.

    #21: GRO – Best for a Google Boost

    GRO was formed using the industry’s latest SEO, strategic advisory, and online marketing knowledge. GRO works with the most reputable B2B and D2C brands in the industry to help companies achieve first-page rankings on Google.

    Features we loved:

    • Focused on climbing the Google search pages
    • Leverages AI to support scaling
    • Creates holistic solutions

    Pricing: GRO features two plans, a free starter option that allows you to test the platform and a premium plan starting at $10,000 per year. 

    #22: Luxury Presence – High-End Real Estate 

    Luxury Presence provides cutting-edge marketing tools via the industry’s most influential real estate marketing platform. They currently have a client base of over 4,000 customers and use the “Service as a Software” approach to drive conversions. 

    Features we loved:

    • Solutions for the high-end real estate brokers
    • Targeted, comprehensive solutions 
    • Clean, sophisticated designs

    Pricing: Contact the sales team to discuss pricing options.

    #23: Prizeout – A New Way to Cash Out

    Those who are tired of the conventional cashout process may want to consider partnering with Prizeout. They are a first-in-class solution firm that offers practical alternatives to the archaic cashout system. 

    Features we loved:

    • Reach the right audience
    • High-profile partnerships
    • Cost-effective

    Pricing: No pricing available.

    #24: Foursquare – Location-Based Marketing

    Foursquare provides its customers with leading-edge location technology. Their solutions help clients develop more engaging user experiences while also assisting enterprises in making more intelligent business decisions.

    Features we loved:

    • Focuses on local audience
    • High-quality analytics
    • Reaches people in real-time

    Pricing: The pricing varies based on the package and options you select.

    #25: Red Ventures – Building Quality Engagement

    Red Ventures helps bring brands and consumers together in a meaningful way. The team at Red Ventures uses strategic partnerships and online marketplaces to create online experiences that are genuinely one-of-a-kind.

    Features we loved:

    • Focused on six primary industries, including travel and education
    • Uses experts in each industry for credibility
    • Employees participate in community service projects

    Pricing: Red Ventures only provides pricing quotes on request.

    #26: Lemonlight – Making Unique Marketing Videos

    Lemonlight is currently one of the largest branded content providers in the industry and a top MarTech company. They work with small and large brands and help them create unique marketing videos to better engage with their key demos.

    Features we loved:

    • Visually stunning and engaging
    • Tell a story in pictures
    • Works with nearly every industry

    Pricing: Contact the sales team to discuss pricing options.

    #27: Suited Connector – Improving Customer Retention 

    Suited Connector is a Martech platform that provides revolutionary marketing tech and data solutions. Their technology allows businesses to drive new customer acquisitions and retain their customers for an extended period.

    Features we loved:

    • Consent management services target customers who want your product
    • Automated marketing available
    • Custom solutions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach

    Pricing: Contact the Suited Connector team to discuss your needs and get a quote.

    #28: Monigle – Best Independent Platform

    Monigle has taken pride in being an independent brand experience agency since 1971. Their brand asset management platform is unique, and Monigle also provides its customers with distinct designs and branded environments.

    Features we loved:

    • Work with an independent agency that’s focused on supporting you
    • Extensive experience and proven track record
    • Helps you craft or refine an identity, strategy, and brand

    Pricing: Contact the team for pricing plans.

    #29: AppSumo – Best for Startups

    AppSumo is a startup launching powerhouse, having helped launch over 1,500 startups since its inception. They aim to help make entrepreneurship accessible to as many people as possible.

    Features we loved:

    • Start with one of the many templates and build from there
    • Scale your business at your pace
    • Features courses to support your team

    Pricing: AppSumo features hundreds of products at varying price ranges and does offer some free content.

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