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    A Look at the Massive Updates Coming to Performance Max

    PPCShopping and Pmax

    Everything You Need to Know in Less Than 50 Words

    Google is introducing new ways to optimize and prove the incremental value of your Performance Max campaigns. These new features include improving performance on Search inventory, growing ROI with higher-impact video creative, measuring conversion uplift, and providing deeper reporting.

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    Combining AI-powered Search and Performance Max allows businesses to maximize conversions across all of Google. By using broad match keywords with Smart Bidding, businesses can supercharge their Search campaigns. Performance Max then expands on this by driving incremental conversions across all Google advertising channels, including Search. This is achieved using keywordless AI technology, which analyzes landing page content, assets, and product feeds to find new converting queries and generate relevant text ads that match a user’s intent.

    Google has responded to feedback from users who want more control over how Performance Max works on Search and Shopping inventory. Account-level negative keywords are now available, allowing users to exclude specific queries they don’t want to show ads on for brand suitability or other reasons. Campaign-level brand exclusions are also coming soon, giving businesses added control so that Performance Max campaigns won’t serve for branded queries they want to avoid on Search and Shopping inventory.

    Page feeds are also coming to Performance Max in the coming months, helping businesses refine their results from Search inventory. This feature gives businesses the flexibility to help send traffic to a specific set of landing page URLs on their website. By combining page feeds with final URL expansion, businesses can better inform and guide AI to help them drive valuable conversions from new queries they didn’t expect or that aren’t captured by their Search campaigns.

    Performance Max serves on every channel in Google’s ad inventory, making all types of high-quality creative assets a key ingredient for success, including video. To make it easier to provide high-quality video ads, video creation tools are now integrated directly into Performance Max campaign setup and editing workflows.

    Experiments have also started rolling out to help businesses run A/B tests. Businesses can set up two types of experiments: a Performance Max uplift experiment to see how adding a new Performance Max campaign to their current campaign mix drives incremental conversions or conversion value, and a Performance Max vs. Standard Shopping campaign to test an existing Standard Shopping campaign head-to-head against a Performance Max campaign targeting the same products.

    New reporting and insights will help businesses understand and evaluate their results. Soon, businesses will be able to see conversions, conversion value, cost, and a variety of other metrics at the asset group level. Budget pacing insights will also be coming soon to help businesses automatically uncover opportunities to optimize their budget and performance.


    Google’s AI powers Performance Max to help businesses optimize their budget across channels in real-time and quickly adapt to fast-changing consumer trends. These new features will help businesses maximize their ROI and make their marketing budgets count.

    Source: Google

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