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    Using Motion Graphics For Your Brand’s Marketing

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    As of June 2022, 82% of all internet traffic comes from video views. It is only to our benefit to become more agile in planning our content strategy now than ever before. When trying to keep costs low while finding innovative ways to connect with buyers, nothing adds more quality than solid motion design. Motion graphics are one of the top designs in marketing that uses text, graphics, color, and movement to create visual video content. It’s often used for logo animations, product animation videos, and infographic videos.

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    What are Motion Graphics & Why Are They Effective?

    Motion graphics have been compared to animation, but it should be said that they are significantly different. While some people might say that motion graphics are animated graphic designs, they would not be wrong. Motion graphics are a type of animation. Meanwhile, animation is an umbrella term for the whole field of moving imagery, including everything from cartoons to claymation.

    Motion graphics can be easily understood and are shareable. According to research conducted by MIT neuroscientists, our brains process visual information very fast — about 13 milliseconds on average per image! Motion graphic videos are short and get straight to the point; it packs all the essential information in just a minute. This allows your target market to easily understand and share it with people who they feel are interested in the product or service in the video.

    Fast & Cost-Effective

    Motion graphics cut down costs considerably. It eliminates the expense of hiring someone to explain something that can easily be explained with a few graphics. Live-action video production is quite expensive and requires a location, studio, and even an entire crew. On the other hand, motion graphics can be done on a computer and takes less time to complete.

    Digestible, Engaging, and Memorable

    When the Melbourne Metro wanted to run an ad campaign for safety around trains, they could have invested in posters and hired a few local actors to perform safety scenes; instead, they decided to try out a motion design animation. The unexpectedly catchy and unique song “Dumb Ways to Die” went viral with 210 million viewers.

    The use of motion graphics can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. As a result of its high engagement value, it is one of the most popular styles of videos used by marketers today

    Colorful & Eye-Catching

    Colors play a crucial role in grabbing the audience’s attention. Social media giant Facebook automatically plays motion graphic videos but set the ads to mute by default. The sound/voiceover is not actually the focus of the video. If the content catches the audience’s eyes, then the audience will manually turn the sound on. Therefore, the content should be information that’s both non-verbal and catchy enough to intrigue audiences within the first few seconds. If you add too much to the video, the video may become overwhelming, which could be entertaining but misses the whole point of the marketing.

    This Spotify video is an excellent example of non-verbal video content. Instead of explaining how their product works, they chose to take the opportunity to explain how their product is personalized just for you with bright colors and graphics.

    Types of Motion Graphics

    Interactive Social Media Posts

    Instead of posting a static image with a lengthy caption that most viewers probably won’t read, why not engage your social media following with an interactive post like a motion graphic video? If you follow consistent design practices with the videos, such as an opening title sequence, your brand awareness will increase too.

    Explainer Videos

    Explainer animations are short videos that explains or presents a business. Do you have a great story about why you started your business? Tell it with an explainer animation. Explainer videos follows more or less the similar components, presenting the problem, solution, how it works and lastly, the call to action (CTA).


    An animated logo will make your brand even more memorable- it simply takes your logo and adds motion graphics or animation to your design. While static logos have no effects whatsoever, animated logos add flare and are attention-grabbing.

    adcore motion graphic


    Enhance your titles with custom, branded animation that makes your content more engaging, distinctive, and memorable.


    This is the same concept as a logo animation, but with your icons – you can manipulate them into motion and give them a little bit of life.

    facebook motion graphic

    User Interface (UI) Animation

    If you’ve created an app or digital platform, it’s great to be able to show it in action through motion graphics so your audience has the opportunity to get the most out of your platform with these features.

    The use of motion graphics can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. As a result of its high engagement value, it is one of the most popular styles of videos used by marketers today. 

    Final Thoughts

    Creating stunning content with motion graphics takes less time and costs less money for businesses. Motion graphics are more memorable, has higher retention rates, and is a great source of story telling. With the benefits of motion graphics, it’s no wonder that most brands and businesses are turning to them as a form of marketing content. 

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