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    WooCommerce Announces Partnership With Pinterest for Selling Options

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    A new extension will now allow WooCommerce merchants to connect their Pins with shoppable products. This integration will make it possible for Pinterest users to Pin and buy Pinned products directly through the Pinterest site.  

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    The partnership between WooCommerce and Pinterest is a way to directly connect Pinterest’s users with merchants who sell items through WooComerce. 

    Three million merchants use WooCommerce, representing one-third of all eCommerce sites. It’s popular because it’s an open-source eCommerce tool that integrates into WordPress. Combining the ability for WooCommerce merchants to promote and sell their products directly on Pinterest places merchants on the cutting edge of social commerce.

    Pinterest’s users do visual searches for items related to their interests, “Pinning” items of interest into collections that they can view or buy later. 

    Combining WooCommerce with Pinterest allows WooCommerce merchants to more easily advertise and sell their products while providing Pinterest users with a better user experience.

    The partnership advances Pinterest as a marketplace and breaks WooCommerce onto the social media-adjacent field.

    This development falls in line with recent trends of social platforms leaning more into their shopping experience development. 

    A new extension will now allow WooCommerce merchants to connect their Pinterest Pins with shoppable products.

    Pinterest made a similar integration with Shopify in April of 2021, so integrating with WooCommerce seems an inevitable next step. However, Pinterest is not the only company partnering with Shopify and WooCommerce. TikTok has recently made a similar announcement. 

    The process of connecting Pinterest and WooCommerce is extremely simple. WooCommerce can find the Pinterest plugin on the WordPress Dashboard Plugins page. After installing and activating the Pinterest plugin, the WooCommerce product catalog’s entire contents will be uploaded to Pinterest.

    Once the WooCommerce page and Pinterest are connected, shoppable product Pins will automatically show up on Pinterest users’ feeds who are interested in similar products. 

    Other features include:

    • Automatic updates of prices and availability
    • Product tagging
    • Logging customer interactions
    • Ability to track best-sellers
    • Ability to track the most popularly-saved items
    • Ability to join the free Verified Merchant Program to enhance customer trust

    Advertising products from a WooCommerce site on Pinterest has statistically significant advantages:

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      Combining WooCommerce products with Pinterest advertising gives merchants effortless tools for more effective advertisement. 

      Pinterest allows advertisers to choose from various ad formats to provide the best advantage for the product type. Ad options include:

      • Shopping ads
      • Collection ads
      • Automated campaigns
      • Dynamic retargeting

      This partnership’s wide range of ad options allows a greater chance of discoverability for small businesses who have tried promoting their businesses on other non-social shopping platforms. The beauty of advertising on Pinterest is that the products stand for themselves without the need to create creative ads or videos like businesses should for other social media formats. So, it can potentially be an easier way to advertise and sell products socially than some other options.

      Source: Search Engine Land 

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