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    29 Chaotic Elon Musk Tweets That Make Him A Marketing Genius

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    Elon Musk once tweeted, “I hate advertising.” Musk uses Twitter to update everyone on his beliefs, life, and current technological innovations through cryptic and, quite frankly, chaotic tweets. What makes it brilliant is that his followers love it, which gives him free publicity for his real money-making endeavors.

    In April of 2022, Elon Musk brokered a deal with Twitter that would allow him to buy the company for $44 billion. However, in early July, he decided to step away from the deal, claiming that the site had not provided him with all the necessary information he needed to decide if the deal was going to be profitable or not. 

    Even if Elon Musk’s Twitter plans don’t come to fruition, there’s no question that his use of the site is marketing brilliance. Because of Elon Musk’s Twitter tweets, he garners plenty of attention for his company, just by putting out hilarious content. 

    Here are 29 of the best and most chaotic Elon Musk tweets.

    Table of Contents

    Chaotic & Unclear

    1. Cryptic Phrases 

    Many Elon Musk tweets include cryptic phrases like “mars & cars, chips & dips.” This was tweeted on July 13, 2022, referencing his space exploration, cars, and neuro link endeavors. The tweet also notes that he has 103 million followers.

    2. Vague Meanings 

    On August 11, 2022, a tweet said, “It’s out of my control.” The use of the popular meme brought in the climate crowd.

    3. Hydraulic Fluid

    On August 5, 2022, Elon Musk’s funny tweet was, “I love the smell of hydraulic fluid in the morning.” We doubt that hydraulic fluid smells good to anyone, so this tweet is probably referring to the scent of adventure that space exploration brings, and we can definitely get on board with that! 

    4. Up for Interpretation

    Musk purposefully leaves many of his tweets open to interpretation. For example, his August 6, 2022, tweet shows a box with the accompanying text, “Do you loot boxes? What is it like to get an item from a loot box before your friends do? Do they get jealous?.”

    5. Funny WDYT?

    This funny Elon Musk Twitter tweet is considering selling all of his companies and becoming an influencer. This “what do you think?” post had over 400 thousand likes. Is that a yes? 

    6. Attention-Grabbing

    His tweet from August 11, 2022, shows his mastery at grabbing headlines while returning media attention to himself, Tesla, and Space X. Elon Musk’s funny Twitter tweet said, “…but have you seen my sex tape?”

    7. Billionaire 

    Elon has no difficulty flaunting his wealth as a billionaire in responsive tweets. His epic response on July 30, 2022, to @MrBeast’s tweet of “I make $1 million per day” was “I make same per minute.”

    Economy & Politics

    8. Elizabeth Warren

    Who can forget his response to Elizabeth Warren’s implication that he was a “freeloader” for not paying a certain amount of taxes? His December 19, 2021, tweet left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is aware of politicians and their misleading statements and added the following statement.

    9. Political Climate

    His concerns regarding the national debt and current political climate are clear, as evidenced by his tweet of August 11, 2022, “When the country that revolted over taxes hires 87,000 new IRS agents…” with a picture of a redcoat.

    10. Senator Manchin

    An Elon Musk tweet on August 5, 2022, backs Senator Manchin’s support of the inflation reduction bill, which partially supports the green energy movement. This was shown when he tweeted, “Thank God for Senator Manchin.”

    11. Trolling Politics 

    His August 1, 2022, tweet garnered 7,201 responses. Depending on the subject, he imbues his tweets with humor or sarcasm, and people flock to his account to see what is coming next.

    12. National Economy

    Tax breaks heavily subsidize electric cars and their production. Concerns with the economy that supported the purchase of Tesla products are evident in this tweet.


    13. Twitter Bots 

    What is Elon Musk planning to do with Twitter? The controversy related to his statements regarding the high incidence of bots on Twitter and this being his reason for backing out of the purchase is evident in his tweet on August 6, 2022, letting the voice of the people speak. Democracy in action! 

    14. Twitter Bot Challenge

    On August 6, 2022, this Elon Musk tweet challenged the chief executive officer of Twitter to a public debate to prove their claim that there are less than 5 percent bot accounts. 

    But unfortunately, his challenge is met with less than favorable tweets, as shown here, here, and in this one.

    Dogecoin & Bitcoin

    15. Doge and Elon

    Elon announced in his tweet on January 2022 that the dogecoin could be used to buy Tesla Merch. 

    16. Bitcoin and Elon

    Discussions about whether large transactions involving the purchase of Tesla vehicles with bitcoin were possible occurred in December 2020 in this Twitter tweet.

    17. Bitcoin Clarification

    Elon clarified that purchases with bitcoin of Tesla cars would not be allowed in this tweet from May 12, 2021. Maybe an Elon Musk dogecoin tweet will come out soon that will combine both of those business ventures to create a new economy!

    18. Tweet Impact on Bitcoin

    On October 21, 2021, Tesla held 42,902 bitcoin worth $2.8 billion, where Elon tweeted a raunchy picture that showed bitcoin at $69,000. The tweet had over 330 thousand likes. 


    19. Personal Life

    Elon shows no hesitation in sharing his personal life to obtain buy-in, as shown in this tweet from June 19, 2022. Help support his family by buying his Tesla products.

    20. Serial Relationships

    His relationships are as varied as his business endeavors, as seen in a tweet from March 8, 2021.

    21. Opinion on Depp-Heard

    On May 27, 2022, Musk stated his opinion on current celebrity issues. Taking the middle road might just be an excellent marketing move—no enemies made here! 

    Tesla & Other Announcements

    22. Stock in Tesla

    Musk involves the general public in financial decisions, which impacts Tesla. 

    23. Announcing Tesla Milestones

    On August 14, 2022, Musk announced a milestone that the Shanghai factory made its millionth car for a total of 3 million Teslas here. Amongst all the chaos, Elon Musk is excellent at reminding us all what he’s really about. 

    24. Displaying Plans for Tesla

    His tweet on August 10, 2022, refers to the plan he wrote for Tesla 8 years ago, showing how he informs everyone of his agenda and sticks to it. Who doesn’t want to be in on a billionaire’s plans?

    25.  Tesla Patents 

    On August 10, 2022, Elon referenced a tweet from 8 years ago that described how he removed the patents from many of his inventions. It was a brilliant marketing move to push himself to the front of the competition, showing that he’s always been at the forefront of the entrepreneurial crowd.

    26. Self-Driving Cars and AI 

    Tweets like the one on August 7, 2022, “AI Day: Part II.” In this tweet, he hints at new and upcoming AI, or is he going back to the drawing board regarding his AI-equipped vehicles that have had questionable results?

    27. Dog Mode 

    On July 13, 2022, during the heat wave throughout most of the West and Southwest, Musk promoted his Tesla’s “Dog Mode” feature, which keeps the air conditioning running while your Tesla is parked. Who doesn’t want to keep their pet safe while running errands? This could also be a callback to Elon Musk’s dogecoin tweets; a collab, maybe?

    28. Diverse Products 

    On July 30, 2022, his tweet announced the diversity of his products related to gaming games he is considering for production in his Texas Giga factory. The fact that he responds to followers keeps people coming back for more, which allows him to grow his network and strengthen his advertising.

    29. Announcements

    Innovative technology is what he does, as shown in an Elon Musk tweet on August 10, 2022, announcing the impending arrival of his truck division. We didn’t see that one coming! 

    Final Thoughts 

    Marketing is about promoting and selling products or services, which includes buy-in through advertising. These chaotic Elon Musk tweets have done their job in promoting Tesla. By using a free social platform, Elon Musk’s funny Twitter tweets have earned him a lot of publicity for cheap and made him a King of Twitter.

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