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    Google Makes Searching for Deals and Coupons Easier With Their New Shopping Features

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    Inflation is destroying people’s budgets. Consumers are cutting back and looking for the best deals they can find. Many people rely on product searches and comparisons before they shop. Google is making the process easier with the launch of new search features. These include new comparison and coupon tools. 

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    Do you go to different websites to look up prices on similar products? You’re not alone, as comparing prices on the same item can save money. A bottle of lotion may cost $2 more at one retailer, or that online store may not offer a cheaper knock-off brand. 

    Comparing prices can keep your spending on track, but it takes a lot of effort. Plus, you may miss lower prices on the same item at stores you don’t know about. Google Search’s new price comparison feature automates the work, saving time and money. 

    Price Comparison Tool

    The comparison tool shows side-by-side results when you search for a product. You can see which stores have the lowest prices on that bottle of lotion you need to order. The price comparison tool lets you click on the items and go directly to stores. You can also see customers’ star ratings for each item.

    Coupon and Promotion Badges

    When you’re searching for the best prices online, it’s nice to know whether certain products are on sale. Retailers often advertise promotions, but sorting through them can be confusing. And sometimes, you don’t know that there’s a coupon code for an item until you get ready to checkout.   

    Google Search’s coupon and promotion badges are eliminating that confusion. Promotion badges and coupon codes now show in your product searches. So, besides comparing prices side-by-side, you can see which retailers are offering additional discounts.

    You can also clip coupon codes directly from your search. Let’s say you find that a retailer is offering a coupon discount on a sweater. With the coupon code, that store is offering the best deal. You clip the coupon code directly from the search page. Once you get ready to checkout, you can paste the coupon code. 

    Price Insights

    A sale item doesn’t mean it’s the best deal. Price insights are part of Google Search’s new shopping features. These insights look at historical averages and reveal whether a price is low, medium, or high.

    This information can help shoppers make more informed decisions. Perhaps a coveted item is on sale, but the price is higher than average. You may decide to delay your purchase until the price comes down.

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    Finding the lowest prices online isn’t an easy task. It takes research and patience. But with the release of Google Search’s new shopping features, consumers can rest assured they’re getting the best possible deals. 

    Source: Google

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