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    11 Tips for Your Clubhouse Marketing Strategy [+free e-guide]


    Clubhouse, is the new kid on the block. The voice-only social media platform, allows users to create live, podcast-style chat rooms where both hosts and guests can interact. Initially launched as an iOS-only app, Clubhouse is now available for Android users as well

    Clubhouse is a must-have addition to any robust marketing strategy. This is especially true if you feel you have reached saturation on other social media platforms already. If you’re not already familiar with the voice-first social platform, check out this article to learn more.

    Here are 11 tips to turn the voice-first social platform into a lead-generating machine. (There’s also a free e-guide download at the end just for you 😉)

    11 Tips for Your Clubhouse Marketing Strategy

    1. Follow thought-leaders in your field

    Clubhouse creates a brand new platform to build trust and authority around your brand. Start off by following well-followed accounts and thought-leaders in your industry. When they host or join a room, you’ll be able to ride their coattails and start to build your following off of theirs.

    Make sure to join rooms regularly and request to speak as much as possible – over time this can lead to moderators agreeing to co-host a room with you the next time and build your following even further.

    2. Join relevant Clubs

    Clubs are groups of Clubhouse users interested in similar topics. When you follow these, you’ll be notified whenever an admin schedule or launches a room. This can be the best way to connect with potential buyers of your product or service. Be sure to join your club’s rooms and speak up to get your name out there and start to collect followers.

    Here’s an example of searching for relevant clubs for small businesses:

    3. Start your own room

    After you’ve gathered a small following circle, you’re ready to host your first room. Be sure to schedule this in advance so that people have enough notice to plan around it. Rooms are a space where you can flex your industry knowledge and go into the details of your product or service more thoroughly than other platforms.

    Now you’re the star of your own show – be sure to give value to the other members in your room. You might want to offer a Q&A in your industry niche or offer personal advice to potential clients. You can leave a room with 30+ new leads if you establish yourself as an authority and give before you receive.

    Turn the voice-first social platform into a lead-generating machine using Clubhouse in your marketing strategy

    4. Start your own club

    Clubs are like Facebook or LinkedIn groups – you can create your own one in your niche and start to build in size. Clubs with interesting titles are more readily joined and can help extend your reach even further when you host your next room. Clubs are another way to grow your authority and the attention around your brand.

    5. Make a killer bio

    When people click your icon, they’ll be able to see your bio. Here’s where you can flex your experience, specialities and add a personal touch. Make sure you hit the nail on the head in the first three lines as this is what can be the deciding factor of gaining a new follower.

    Here are some examples:

    6. Host a celeb in your room

    People love stardust, and the celebrity names like Mark Zuckerberg and Wiz Khalifa are part of what drew new users to the platform. Creating a room with a celebrity is an exciting opportunity for fans to drop-in live, with a side helping of the growing recognition of your brand. Think Savage X Fenty opening a room for an afternoon chill with Rihanna – now that’s attention.

    7. Sponsor popular rooms or clubs

    Find rooms or clubs that already have strong followings and offer to sponsor their next room. The sponsorship can be as simple as mentioning your business in an ad break or letting you co-moderate the room.

    While sponsoring an ad read can work wonders, the real power of clubhouse is potential customers hearing you speak, trusting you, and approaching you as a new business; so lean towards deals that will share the spotlight with you.

    8. Collaborate with other businesses

    You’re not the only business on Clubhouse, and sometimes 1+1 can equal 3.

    Find businesses that serve a similar niche and work together to create rooms and clubs. For example, a PPC consultant, SEO firm, and creative agency joined together to create a room offering digital marketing advice to small businesses. 

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      9. Get Keynote speakers your target audience want to hear from

      Approach clubhouse members in your industry who have a large following and invite them to be a keynote in your room. This is a great way to give back to your own followers and cross-pollinate with some of theirs. Remember that the room is about giving listeners value so when you plug your business, be gentle about it.

      10. Go to DM

      Let’s say you just had an incredible conversation where everyone in the room is impressed and wants to work with you… How can they reach you? Since Clubhouse doesn’t have a chat feature, you’ll need to connect somewhere else.

      The most popular platform to connect after a call is Instagram – so follow suit. A pro tip is to have the same @username on clubhouse and Instagram – if yours is already taken you may want to open a new Instagram account @name_clubhouse for people to connect.

      11. Special offers and giveaways

      Everyone loves a deal, so why not create special discounts or offers exclusively for your Clubhouse audience. This could be a CLUB10 discount coupon or perhaps a free consultation call, but work to give people something they’ll appreciate.

      Your Takeaways (and a free Clubhouse e-guide!)

      Clubhouse is a very new platform and will continue to change and evolve.

      Use the above 11 tips in this once-in-a-decade opportunity to become a leader in a new social platform. Feel free to download this e-guide to have the tips easily on hand and shareable.

      New call-to-action

      Complete list of Clubhouse interests

      So in my research for this article, I was trying to find a full list of Clubhouse interests, to no avail. So I went ahead and made one myself. Find the full list of Clubhouse interests below:


      • Startups
      • Product
      • DTC
      • SaaS
      • Venture Capital
      • Engineering
      • Crypto
      • Angel Investing
      • Marketing
      • VR/AR
      • AI


      • Women
      • Indigenous
      • Gen Z
      • Baby Boomers
      • LGBTQ
      • Latino
      • East Asian
      • Millenials
      • BIPOC
      • Black
      • South Asian
      • Gen X
      • Disabled


      • Math
      • Philosophy
      • Covid-19
      • The Future
      • Science
      • Biology
      • History
      • Space
      • Physics
      • Psychology
      • Education


      • Tiktok
      • Clubhouse
      • Stocks
      • Networking
      • Small Business
      • Instagram
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Real Estate
      • Pitch Practice

      Hanging Out

      • Bring a Drink
      • Meet people
      • Welcome Newbies
      • Late Night
      • PTR
      • Coworking
      • Chill Vibes


      • Mandarin
      • French
      • Portuguese
      • Russian
      • German
      • Japanese
      • Hindi
      • Spanish
      • Arabic
      • Indonesian


      • Health
      • Psychedelics
      • Meditation
      • Nutrition
      • Outdoors
      • Medicine
      • Mindfulness
      • Fitness
      • Weights
      • Veganism


      • Dating
      • Support
      • Pregnancy
      • Traveling
      • Relationships
      • Parenting
      • Grownuping
      • Weddings


      • Christianity
      • Buddhism
      • Sikhism
      • Spirituality
      • Atheism
      • Islam
      • Hinduism
      • Taoism
      • Judaism
      • Agnosticism

      World Affairs

      • Current Events
      • Climate
      • Economics
      • S. Politics
      • Geopolitics
      • Markets
      • Social Issues


      • Architecture
      • Beauty
      • Food & Drink
      • Art
      • Advertising
      • Writing
      • Design
      • Books
      • Burning Man
      • Photography
      • Dance
      • Fashion
      • Theater
      • Sci-fi


      • Soccer
      • Cricket
      • Cycling
      • Football
      • MMA
      • Formula 1
      • Tennis
      • Basketball
      • Baseball
      • Golf


      • Music
      • Television
      • Anime & Manga
      • Karaoke
      • Fun
      • Movies
      • Podcasts
      • Advice
      • Variety
      • Performances
      • Comedy
      • Gaming
      • Celebrities
      • Trivia
      • Storytelling


      • London
      • New York
      • Paris
      • Nigeria
      • India
      • San Francisco
      • Atlanta
      • Los Angeles
      • Africa




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