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    Google Launches New Content Suitability Center in Google Ads

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less than 50 Words

    In October 2022, Google released a new content suitability center in Google Ads. Advertisers can use the suitability center to choose different suitability controls in a newly-designed site that is easy to navigate. Google’s goal is to increase ease of use and allow companies to achieve greater brand recognition in a globalized world. 

    Tell Me More 

    Over the past two years, Google researched how to work with companies to increase brand suitability. Previously, suitability settings were hard to manage because they appeared across the Google interface and were difficult to change. 

    As content saturation across platforms increases, companies expressed a desire for control over suitability settings so that they could reach additional customers and grow their brands. 

    Addressing the Problem

    To address this problem, Google launched a new content suitability center in Google Ads. This new tool allows advertisers to control suitability settings on Youtube and the Google Display Network. With this release, Google streamlined the process for selecting preferences. 

    Under the new content suitability center, advertisers can easily navigate their suitability settings and choose which content to exclude from their branding. To complete the process, companies can select between three inventory modes, including expanded inventory, standard inventory, and limited inventory. 

    Expanded inventory has the widest reach, with exclusions only for excessively sensitive material, such as unrestricted profanity or sexualized content. Google recommends the standard inventory mode, which allows ads on a wide range of content, but excludes profanity, sexual content, and violence. Limited inventory further limits ads on most content. 

    What the New Content Suitability Center Offers

    The content suitability center offers advanced settings so brands can select more exclusions. Advertisers can choose exclusions for certain keywords or additional sensitive material. These settings allow brands to have control over where their content is being shown and which audience they reach. 

    Once selections are made, Google Ads will repeat the preferences for all marketing campaigns and branding initiatives, creating a one-stop-shop for suitability controls. 

    Google built a new content suitability center to meet the growing needs across industries for customizable content. The company argues the content suitability center allows ads to have a targeted reach on brands’ desired audience. 

    Final Thoughts

    Google hopes more suitability exclusions will allow brands to grow their advertising campaigns in line with their company’s goals and values. To create the content suitability center, Google worked directly with brand initiatives, and they plan to keep soliciting feedback. 

    Google anticipates providing additional updates on branding and content platforms during the next several months as they work to improve suitability settings and meet the goals of firms’ advertising campaigns. 

    Source: Google Ads & Commerce Blog

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