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    Microsoft Advertising Gains 3+ Important Features

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    Everything You Need To Know In Less Than 50 Words

    Microsoft Advertising constantly looks for new features and improvements to improve your advertising experience.

    Recently they introduced two unique digital advertising tools; Multimedia Ads and an SMB solution with Smart Campaigns and Multi-platform, which have three important features (performance max import, data exclusion, and automated extensions).

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    These new features aim to help advertisers improve their performance and reach their target audience more effectively.

    Performance Max Import

    The feature allows advertisers to automatically import their campaigns from Google Ads, such as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads, into Microsoft Advertising. It will save time and effort as you will not need to recreate your campaigns from scratch.

    There are some requirements for this to happen successfully, though. For example, before importing your Google campaign, you must create and import your Merchant Center store; your website needs to have a JavaScript UET tag.

    Remember that some features, such as text, images, or video, are still unsupported. 

    For advertisers using multiple advertising platforms, this is a dream come true. The feature is currently available in public preview.

    Data Exclusion

    The data exclusion feature allows you to exclude certain data types from your reports to get a more accurate picture of your campaign’s performance. For instance, you can exclude data from clicks that did not result in a conversion.

    If you are unhappy with how your campaign is performing, you can use this feature to get a better idea of what needs improvement.

    Automated Extensions

    The automated extensions feature allows Microsoft Advertising to create and manage your ad extensions for you automatically. The feature can save you time and improve your campaign’s performance.

    The feature can come in handy if you run a high-volume campaign and do not have the time to manually create and manage your ad extensions. For instance, if you are running a sale campaign, Microsoft Advertising can automatically create and manage your ad extensions.

    Other New Features

    Video ads are now available on the Microsoft Audience Network. Microsoft’s audience intelligence will show your video to the ideal users. In addition, you can pick between cost per thousand impressions, cost per click, or cost per view in terms of bidding options.

    Microsoft Audience Network is now available in 66 new countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. So if you have clients in these locations, you can now use Microsoft’s ads to reach them. 

    Source: Microsoft Advertising

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